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9 things I wish I did when I was pregnant.
To me being pregnant is fun and a very sweet moment of my life that I enjoy so much. It is that period of my life that I do anything I want and get away with it, nobody questions on why I eat what I eat or get angry easily.
If you are pregnant, do not miss doing any of these things because you may not have time and freedom to do it again after delivery. I missed doing all of the and I wish I can turn back the hands of time.
  1.   Stay in bed all day; those early mornings I had to wake up and make breakfast, clean the house, do laundry and all those house chores that don't ever end, I wish I had remained in bed besides I was pregnant, so sleeping is a normal thing in pregnancy.                                                                                           Eat breakfast in bed, read magazines lying down on your bed, roll on the bed all day, because very soon all of that is gonna change and your baby determines when you stay in bed
  2.    Go out and have fun; I remember turning down a friend’s birthday party because I was tired to go out. Gosh, now, I can’t even go out not even within my estate without my baby, and having to excuse myself often to go and breastfeed him, even when I go without him I’m always worried sick if he’s crying, feeling hungry or sleeping, and i will be in a hurry to rush home.                                       Enjoy every outing now that you don't have a new born baby, don't ever turn down an offer to spend time out with friends, very soon, you will have a very good reason to stay home not just being tired.     
  3. Have a pregnancy photo book; sometimes I want to see how I looked every month of my pregnancy but no photo book to show me that, except for some occasional pictures on my phone which some of them captured only my face.  Take pictures as much as you can, keep a photo book, it will help you remember how ugly or beautiful you were when you were pregnant.                                                                                                
  4. Be your own boss; make sure you do what you want to do, go where you want to go, sleep and wake up when you feel like, eat what you want to eat so far as it is healthy for you and your unborn child. As soon as the baby comes, he becomes the boss and calls the shot while you play by his rules.
  5.   Be selfish; that moment when you are cold and everyone else is hot, don’t mind them turn off the AC, you are a big celebrity so far as that big tummy remains with you. That moment you want some more pepper in the food and everyone thinks the pepper is enough, don't mind them, add more pepper and enjoy your food.
  6.     Have very good sex always; those of us that have my kind of baby will understand while you need to have enough sex when you are pregnant. The baby wakes up when you are ready to get into action or sometimes wont sleep till 12am-1am and hubby gets tired of waiting, and then sleeps off.  Have sex anywhere and anytime you want it before your baby arrives. The moment your baby arrives, your sex life is going to dwindle for sure.
  7. Throw temper tantrums; who ate the last chocolate in the fridge? That is enough for a pregnant woman to throw tantrums but I will just wave it and buy more chocolate. You are allowed to throw temper tantrum over everything, over just everything.
  8. Spend the night hanging out and having fun; the only time you will get to be awake after your baby arrives is with a colicky crying baby at 2am. So now you have your night time alone, enjoy it.
  9.    Have sex everywhere in the house; from the kitchen, to the sitting room, the dining room, the bathroom, everywhere in the house. Once the baby comes, you are just restricted to have sex only in your bedroom because you don’t want the kids to hear your moan and scream.

If you don't do these thing while pregnant, trust me, you wont do them again freely when the baby arrives.

Are there more things you wished you did when you were pregnant? Share them in the comment box.


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