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We all love our children no doubt, we all want the best for them and we all want to show them and prove to them how much we love them, but the issue is how much and how well do they feel our our love for them how much do they fell loved and sense of belonging and worth. Some kids have their own particular way of receiving love from their parents, and these feelings of love differ from child to child. Some parents also have their own way of showing love to their kids, either by buying them gifts, spending time with them, going on vacation with them, and or maybe giving them good and quality clothing and food.
A child's tank is always ready to receive love and here are 4 proven ways to express love to your child.

  1. Bodily contact; 
Even as an adult I feel loved when the people I love give me some form of body contact, either by holding my hand while walking or putting their hands on my shoulder. For so many kids physical touch is their love language.
give them high fives
give them hugs and kisses
touch their shoulders when making a request
give them handshakes after a job well done 
sit close to them or carry them on your laps
hold their hands while telling them stories 
let them feel your contact

2. Words of approval
Criticism, harsh tone of voice, negative body language does not go down well with kids, for my kids they will just burst into cry when you give them that harsh tone of voice, shout at them or make them feel unloved.
kind words and words of encouragement gives them some sense of worth and belonging.
give your  child some some sense of worth by;
verbally approve their god deeds
give them sincere compliment from your innermost heart
verbally tell them you love them, say it often and always
on more serious note, have a special sweet nickname for each of your child.
give your child words of encouragement
tell your child how important he/she is to your life and family

3. Spend quality time with your kids;
 I feel unloved and un-cared for when my husband  doesn't spend quality time with me. No matter how busy your schedule is, make out time to spend good quality time with your kids either by;
playing with them, my kids cant play ludo but i play it with them and football is an everyday thing in my house even if its for ten minutes before night bath.
go out on a date just you and your kids
bath time is a special fun time for me and my kids
tell them stories especially about your childhood
do the house chores with them
if you can do their school runs; I enjoy school runs
taking them to catechism, swimming lessons, anywhere at all gives you more time to bond with your kids

4. Give gifts to your child; 
Yes, everyone love gifts not just kids especially when it comes from those we love. Once in a while buy gifts for your child, the cost of the gift isn't in any way important but the message behind it and just the fat that you bought the gift for them is enough to show them you love them.
Don't wait till its your child's birthday or Christmas to get your child a gift.
don't wait till your child wins an award or does something great or exceptional before you give your child a gift.

Do you have more ways of showing love to your child? Lets hear them in the comment box.


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