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  After marriage, everybody, even yourself expects pregnancy, that once the news of the pregnancy breaks, you cant wait to have the child and so with friends and families. This earnest expectation happens only once, subsequently it becomes a normal thing. Just being pregnant for the first time,hmmmmm everything and everyone seems to be there for you, but to the second and third and maybe fourth, things started changing,,,,,,,,

1. Family and friends reactions towards my pregnancy news; my first pregnancy, everyone that heard, called or visited to congratulate me and also know how I was doing. Neighbors,friends were all there helping me throughout the pregnancy period. My mom and mom-in-law called often to see how I was doing and to encourage me to be strong for myself and my baby.

My second pregnancy, the love and care I got reduced, I still got some love and care though but for sure there was a decrease on how well and how often they came.

My third pregnancy,hmmmmm, even hubby told me that I should be used to being pregnant by now and hence I should be able to handle this pregnancy  thing very well and take care of myself and stop complaining. That if I'm complaining what will first timers do.

And I wonder can someone ever get used to discomfort of being pregnant?

2 . My wardrobe; being pregnant for the first time and a young girl, i still wanted to look stylish, sexy, hot and fashionable. I couldn't wait to wear my maternity short dresses, jeans, leggings, long tops and of course wear my make up and fully adorn my neck and all. Hubby told me that being pregnant is really fashion.

For the second one, the vibe for looking sexy and hot reduced, I managed to still look fashionable, wear my long hair and look good. Taking care of myself and my 18months old baby then was enough work for me.

And my third pregnancy, everything changed. I cared less, all that bothered me was to eat and take care of my two kids. I can count the number of times I  went out throughout my third pregnancy and hence cared less about cloths, make up and hair do.

3. Food; My first pregnancy, I  didn't have much appetite for food I only wanted to eat okra soup and chew anything chew-able but not food. 

My second pregnancy, my intestine had already enlarged and eating became my hubby.  

For the third one, I can wake up at 2am to eat and then eat as early as 7am as the day breaks. If I visit you and didn't see food coming, I virtually get angry and then ask for food abeg.

4. Baby kicks and moves;  My first pregnancy baby didn't start kicking and moving until around 6 months, that I was actually thinking if I  was really pregnant even with my protruded tummy. The first time she kicked, I liked it and wanted more.

My second baby kicked earlier and more often, for the last pregnancy, I think that boy felt he was in a football field, in fact I still think he will be the LIONEL MESSI  of his time.

5. Delivery;  During my first pregnancy, labor came a week before my expected date of delivery and the labor took long hours and was quite very painful, the second one came 11 days before my expected date of delivery with hours shorter than the first, while the third one came 13 days before my expected date and with shorter hours too.

AND finally the way I handled myself during pregnancy; 

For my first pregnancy I registered for antenatal care at 10 weeks, while I was  being very careful about what I ate or drank. The second one I registered at 14 weeks and I was less careful about what enters my mouth, believing that I cheated myself with the first one, and the last one i registered for antenatal care at 16 weeks while being less careful about what I ate and my routine. My husband would even want me to register for antenatal the first day I notice my period was late. Who does that?

What are the things that changed from your first to the second, third, fourth or fifth pregnancy? Lets hear them in the comment box.........

Nothing changed through out all your pregnancies Share your pregnancy experiences with us in the comment box.


STAY HAPPY ALWAYS.................

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