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These days we modern day mothers compete a lot and wish our kids are better, neater, smarter, and more intelligent than their peers. When we don’t seem to be winning in the competition we feel we have failed as a mother.                                                           
 Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty over your parenting strategy or what you do or didn’t do

You are a wonderful mum, trying your best to keep your home and yourself very attractive and young for hubby.


1)         1.   You didn’t breastfeed exclusively for 6 months or weaned your baby early or didn’t breastfeed at all; exclusive breastfeeding is the in thing now and some mothers know how to talk down on those who couldn’t do it.  Maybe you weren’t producing enough milk or had to go back to work and therefore couldn’t breastfeed exclusively or quit breastfeeding, it is not enough reason for you to feel you are a bad mom and have failed your child.     Breastfeeding is not part of being a good parent. Breastfeeding or not just make sure your baby feeds well.
           2.  You had a cesarean section birth instead of a vaginal birth; women like building mountains out of a mole hill.  For crying out loud, does it really matter how your baby came out of our body? The most important thing is that your baby came out alive and both mum and baby are doing great. I have not seen anyone with a placard on the forehead that says “I had a cesarean section or vaginal birth”.  or any child that has it on the forehead 'i was born through CS or vaginal birth.'It is until you tell someone you had a CS that the person will know. Don’t mind them be proud of yourself. The way your baby came out of your body does not and cannot affect your bonging with your child or reduce your love for your child. 

 Y         3. You gave your kids fast food instead of a good healthy meal; yes, fast food may not be the healthiest for anyone whether adult or kids, but your kids won’t turn into monsters just because they tasted fast food, besides, monotony kills interest and variety is the spice of life. Let them have a bit of junk food sometimes.
 Y         4. Your kids’ room gets messy sometimes; hmmmmm, sometimes I close my eyes to the mess in my kids’ room, as far as their bed spread is clean for them to sleep on. If I continue cleaning all the mess in my kids room always I’m gonna breakdown. Teach them how to clean and keep their room clean and give yourself a break.
Y         5. You shout at your kids or spank them; I’m not sure it is possible to raise kids without shouting at them or spanking them once in a while. How are you going to train them? There are things you won’t catch my kids doing because they already know I’m going to shout at them or even spank them. They know the location of my canes in every part of the house. I have canes in my room, sitting room, kitchen, in their room, so I don’t have to go look for cane when I need it. You mustn’t use the cane on them, but knowing the cane is there will deter them from misbehaving. Don’t spare the rod and spoil the child.
             6.  You don’t indulge your kids every time because they will cry; do you always give your kids what they want because you don’t want them to cry? Well good luck to you, as for me, cry all you can, if I don’t want you to get that thing you are not getting it. To me crying doesn’t kill a child it rather makes them strong.                                                                     Train your kids your way, don’t worry about what people, friends or family will think or say. At the end of the day they are still your kids and if they turn out to be good children you will enjoy your old age.

My mum was and is still a disciplinarian, even though I always feel bad each time she disciplines me but I don’t regret the way she raised and trained me.

No matter what you do or did not do, people will still talk and make you feel you are not a good mother, MY ADVICE DO WHAT YOU THINK AND KNOW IS THE BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR KIDS AND THE ENTIRE FAMILY, PROVIDED YOU ARE NOT STEPPING ON ANYBODY'S TOES.


STAY HAPPY ALWAYS.........................


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