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 Who is a driver? A driver is someone who takes a passenger to his/her destination at the right time. The passenger may or may not know the location or the address where he/she is going to. It is the job of the driver to take his passenger safely and timely to his/her destination.

As a mum, one of my most important, yet irritating job description is that I'm a driver, avery good one at that. 

Yes as expected I drive my kids to school, church, Sunday school, swimming lesson, music classes etc. I make sure that they miss any of these and that they are also there for their classes on time. THAT IS MY JOB.

OK now, I don’t mean endless days of school runs, taking the kids to soccer practice, music lesson, swimming lesson, catechism, naaaahhhhhhhh. There is more to the type of driver I'm talking about here.........A DRIVER MOM

I mean making sure my children reach their destination in life.

Every important destination every child arrives at, simply means the child had a mum who took her driving job very seriously and as a very big important priority in life.

From conception to birth  to breastfeeding to weaning to toddler to starting school, learning the alphabets,writing the alphabets, how to write their names, feeding themselves, making their beds, personal hygiene, loving God and man………..I am their mum and I’m to lead them in the right direction to reach their important goals and destinations in life.

I don’t just point them in the right direction, but by the example of the kind of life I live, I must take them there...... A ROLE MODEL MOM.

When it comes to mothering a child, telling or instructing isn’t just enough. I cannot just merely tell my kids to serve God,, be humble, be nice, love yourself and others or to be kind; I must show them how to do and achieve all of these  by my daily life choices, actions and in-actions. My child will not be kinder than I am, happier than I am, and won’t certainly serve God if I don’t. I AM THEIR FIRST AND MOST IMPORATNT TECHER IN LIFE.

As I drive my children through life, it is my input and impact that will take them through low valleys and to mountain tops in life, across bumpy, dirty roads and away from dead ends tunnels.

As a driver, I make sure that I take my child in the right direction, in order for me to do that and do it very well, I must be going in the right direction myself, following and trusting the directions and truths found in GPS of God’s word and using my knees to drive in the spirit realm.

The fact that you, the mom, is in the driver’s seat, will ensure safety and eventual and successful arrival of your kids at a healthy place in life and in eternity.
A driver is very careful and cautious of bumps, pot holes, sharp bends, checkpoints etc on the road, which are all what you meet on the road daily as you drive, but you must know how to avoid them, as a good driver does. 
As you drive your kids through life, be a good driver, don't let your kids wander off the way, don't just show them the way or take them through the way, BE THE WAY.

I'm still working on my driving skills to be a better and a good driver, to make sure my kids don't miss the way, to make sure the journey is smooth and safe for them, and I wont my leave my GPS behind, THE WORD OF GOD AND A VERY EFFECTIVE PRAYER LIFE. SO HELP ME GOD.


Are you a good driver? Share your driving skills in the comment maybe I will learn one or two skills from you.



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