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She is mom........the dependable information minister. 

An information minister tell what is happening in any organization or country. He/she is to tell people the situation of things and things are the way they are or happening the way they rea happening.

  To get information these days is not very hard again,as there are so many sources of information today, ranging from friends, teachers caregivers at home, the television,playmates, internet etc. 

Every important piece of information a child gets should come from mom.(THE HOME)

There should be an open atmosphere in your home and your child is able to ask you anything. It has to be made crystal clear to your child that there is nothing like a stupid question, every question that comes from the mouth of your child should be treated with utmost attention and importance and is worthy of your wisest and most insightful response. You never can tell why that question is coming. if your child asks you, mom how do babies enter mommies tummies, please do well and find a way to explain the answer to your child. Don't wave it off as a stupid question. TEACH YOUR CHILD SEX EDUCATION AT HOME.

  Don't judge your child for the question he/she asks but him /her kindly and make him understand that if you know the correct at the moment that you will make some research and give him the correct answer. Don't think this one your child is asking about sex, has he/she started having sex or something. Maybe he/she needs some clarifications over what he/she heard about sex.

 Information about sex, relationships, money, religion,morals should be received by your child from you first, and then the child will be able to weigh any counter information he receives elsewhere with what he has learnt from you.

Nothing stops the information from doing his job- nothing should stop a mom from delivering the right and timely information to her child.

 As a mother you should turn every situation your child meets into a teaching opportunity to teach your child something new. Television shows, anything at all can inspire some piece of information from you, the mom, to your child. LET THERE BE SOMETHING TO LEARN FROM EVERY SITUATION.

Was Tom and Jerry fair to their friend? Do you think OSO Special does a good thing by helping others? Do you that your friend has lied? Do you think that your friend acted nicely or rude?

Every piece of information that is delivered to your child's heart should come a special delivery from you, the mom.



STAY HAPPY ALWAYS.....................................

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