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Yep you have been to the doctor and it is confirmed that you are pregnant; well the torture there is waiting for full 9 months to know the sex of the child you have been carrying. Thanks to technology, ultrasound has provided a way of reducing your curiosity and may be the Chinese calendar has helped too.
From experience and from the experience of some of my mummy friends, ultrasound hasn’t been 100% correct. I know some couples that were disappointed on the day of delivery when the sex of the child is different from the ultrasound result. Even the Chinese calendar, has not been 100% trustworthy.

Here are some old wives tales to help you guess (not know) the sex of your child before delivery. I think some of these tales may have some truths in them, judging by my own experience.

LAUGH IT OFF WHILE YOU READ…………..                     
  •     1)                  Take a look at your hair; it is believed that girls takes away  the lusciousness, length of your hair to add to hers while boys don’t have anything to do with your hair and you will have fine, shinning, luscious hair. I can’t remember what happened to my hair during my daughter’s pregnancy but for my sons, I had long, luscious, shiny hair that I loved carrying my natural hair and can’t remember how many times I made my hair for the period of the pregnancy. I think I believe that tale. FINE,LONG, LUSCIOUS HAIR, IT IS A BOY.
  •     2)            Pimples, acne and ugly; old wives said that if you have pimples while pregnant then a girl is on the way because your baby girl will take your beauty and your smooth, fine face. Right from my teenage years I don’t have pimples but when I took in with my daughter, I had pimples on my face chest back and shoulders.   For my boys, my face remained spotless and my beauty was radiating like never before. Maybe this is true because my husband has used this beauty thing to predict what every pregnant woman he knows will be having and his prediction was always right. IF YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL EXPECT A BOY, IF YOU ARE UGLY, EXPECT A GIRL.
  •     3)            Are you carrying high or low; they said if you are carrying high you are probably going to have a girl, if low then expect a boy. When I was pregnant with my girl, I was actually carrying high as if the baby was on my chest. But for my boys I was carried them on my waist, that is low, and I couldn’t bend much. Don’t know, maybe this is true. BUT I THINK THIS IS SO SO TRUE.
  •     4)            Craving sweet or sour things; I heard if you crave sweet things you are having a girl, if sour then expect a boy.  For my 3 pregnancies (a girl and 2 boys), I don t know if I had any cravings but if I ever did it was ice cream all through. I only took garden egg if I felt like throwing up to suppress the feeling.
  •     5)            What is the size of your boobs? It is said that if your boobs doubled in size then expect a girl, if it remained as it is then a boy is coming. That justifies carrying high or low tale, for my daughter, my boobs increased in size, which I later learnt that it was because that was first pregnancy which I think was true. But for my boys my breast was the same size. For my daughters pregnancy, the breast was almost the tummy size.
  •     6)            Morning sickness; girls they said makes you sick like a dog while a boy makes you less sick.  I think that is 100% true because for my girl I was sick everyday for the 9 months that I couldn’t go out without disgracing myself there, vomiting and all. But for my boys’ hmmmm, it was fun being pregnant.  I was not really sick throughout the period of their pregnancies.If I should go by my experience with my daughters’ pregnancy I’m not sure I would have taken in ever again.
  •     7)            The position of your baby? It is said that if your baby is by the right hand side, then a girl is on the way; if by the left hand side, a boy then is coming. It was only my second and third pregnancies which are boys that I actually noticed were by my left hand side. For my daughter, I don’t know the position whether left or right. Maybe because she is my first child I don’t really know or remember much about the pregnancy.
  • You fall down anytime you miss your step? For my two boys, I always fall down at every step I miss, and then my mother in-law told me each time I fell down and told her about it, that I was going to have a boy.I remember falling when I went to spread cloths when I was pregnant with my first son, my second sons pregnancy was falling at the stairs severally. It turned out to be true. I HAD BOYS
  • Are you breaking your glass wares? For my two boys, I had to buy another set of glass cups because I had broken all that I had. I was told that because I was carrying destroyers (boys) that they will start showing what they are right from inside the tummy. My husband said I will hear from him if I finish breaking all his glass wares and don't have a boy, we both laughed it off but I eventually had a boy.
When you put three or four of these tales together you can actually guess the sex of the child you are carrying. Mummies, the tales are they right or wrong? Let’s hear your response in the comment box. 

Do you have more tales to share? share with us in the comment box.

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