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  Thinking of  going for baby number two or three? IS THERE ANYTHING LIKE THE PERFECT NUMBER OF KIDS? If you know the number you can adequately take care then go for it. In this part of the world, so many factors determine the number of kids people go for, from finances, health, social class, environment etc. To me , the more the merrier.
Maybe you have the first child, or the first two or three and you are considering going for the next child, you may want to consider these few points to help you know when and if to go for the next child.
  some few tips to note and help you make your decision;
1. Nothing like the perfect time; no time is ever perfect to have your next child, time and resources which are the major things we look at in planning our family is never enough. When you get a job,move into a bigger apartment or your own apartment, when you have enough money to travel out to have your child, when you this or that, the time is now. When your last child goes to school or is up to 5 years old, to me the faster the better. Maybe when you are 25, when you are 30, when hubby is 40 etc. If you know the number of kids you want just have them as fast as possible and face your life. Nothing draws a woman back like pregnancy, child bearing and raising kids.
2. Your subsequent pregnancies wont be like the first; if you are scared of going for the next pregnancy because of what and how you suffered in the last/ previous ones, the next one may not necessarily happen the way the previous ones did. some things are going to change. And if you are excited about being pregnant because of  how sweet pregnancy was for you, think again, the next one may be a different ball game altogether. With your first pregnancy,you got all the care and attention from family and friends,you had all the time to yourself and hubby was there for you. With your second and third things are gonna change a little, you have toddler(s) to run after, meals to prepare and hubby feels you have done it before so it shouldn't be a big deal this time around. Even yourself wont  feel like its a new thing. You may even have less time to take care of yourself. See the things that changed from my first to last pregnancy HERE.

The bump shows up earlier; for my first pregnancy I was able to hide my pregnancy till the fifth month,  at 9 months people were still wondering if I was up to six months,but with my second the bump took a while to show and the third,at three months I was looking like six months gone, at seven you only hear people say "haa madam, you never born".
 4. Labor will come earlier and will be faster; this sounds good right?  if you had your first child three days before your expected date of delivery edd, the second is likely going to come five days before and the third maybe a week before and the hours of labor may drop. My child came exactly one week before my edd, the second baby came ten days before while my third and last came 14 days before my expected date of delivery.For some women the subsequent pregnancy(ies) may even take longer time and hours.
5. You will be less prepared; at six months I was fully ready to welcome my first child, everything my child needed was ready, everything I needed even for my omugwo (baby sitting) was ready. My second one I tried to be ready before the ninth month, still picking one or two things at the ninth month, but my third and last, as at the morning I went into labor I was still picking some stuff from shops even hubby has to go shopping still after delivery. You will be like haa, let this baby come out please and you will forget that you and the baby will be needing some things after delivery.
Even though some things changed about my three pregnancies, I still enjoy being pregnant.
Give me the opportunity I sure gonna have more kids.
Did anything change from your first pregnancies to the subsequent ones? Share your experience with us in the comment box. 


TILL I BEEP YOU AGAIN....    STAY HAPPY ALWAYS.....................


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