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  Some behaviours kids exhibit are inborn, that is they are that way, as in, inherited that behavior from one of the parents, while some behaviours they exhibit are learned either at school, home or from either of the parents. Some of the behaviors our kids exhibit are not normal,or maybe they are  just being kids. Some of their behaviors have a lot to tell you as a parent, either in your parenting style or your own attitude. Most times we parents are not careful enough to notice these behaviors or pay attention  to these behaviours our children exhibit, and if corrected or handled properly, may cause them harm in the future.

1. SECRETIVE; Normally a child doesn't know what it is to be secretive until you started blowing things up, making a case out of every little thing.We mothers know how to build a mountain out of mole hill. Your child honestly told you he begged someone for biscuits in school and you ended up calling him a beggar and all what not, how she lied to her teacher about who did his/her homework for him/her, but ou made the child feel like the worst child on earth, only because he/she said the truth. Tomorrow that child won't tell you any thing that happened whether in school or at home or anywhere.
  You shouldn't ignore your child when he does something bad but you should know when and where to draw the curtain. Know how to correct your child when he/she does something wrong, do not make your child regret telling you the truth. If you do that, you may find it difficult to get the truth out of that child again. Be your child's friend and watch your child open up to you and start telling you everything at anytime.

2. LYING; Even adults, when someone over reacts over an issue, the next option is to lie the next time to avoid scolding or embarrassment. Imagine when your husband came home late, he alreday knew you are going to nag his life out of him, if he tells you that he was hanging out with the boys, what he will do then is to either tell you it was traffic or he had a flat tyre.ame it is with children. To stop your child from lying ,stop over reacting over every little thing. Allow him/her to explain and give him/her some benefit of doubt. You might be wrong about what and how it happened.

3. CONSTANT DISTURBANCE; if your child constantly disturbs you it can only mean one thing, that your child needs more attention and care, and is lacking some form of physical affection. You are too far away from your child, he/she is not feeling the bond with you. Consciously create a bond between your and your child(ren). Spend more time than money on your kids.

4. COWARD; if your child does not stand up for himself, it simply means you come to your child's assistance too quickly and too often. Sometimes allow them to remove the obstacle on their path, defend themselves, fight for themselves, even if you know they cant do it, at least let them try, let them do something first, when or if they fail, you can then come in and help/rescue them. Allow them to fight for themselves sometimes, you may not be there all the time to fight for them.

5. STRUGGLE TO TAKE THINGS THAT ARE NOT THEIRS; means you make the choice for them always. Allow them to choose what they want sometimes. If your child wants biscuits instead of bread don't force the child to have your bread, you may be saving and helping the child.

 6. LOW SELF ESTEEM; it is said that praise works better than criticism, encourage your child more than you criticize. Tell your child how wonderfully well he/she has done even when he/she has not done that well,  but tell him/her that there is room for improvement and encourage your child to do better next time. Let your child hear you say to him/her, how much you love them and blessed to have them, let them hear you tell them, they are the best thing that has ever happened to you.
Don't always make our child feel less of a person or may be like a dull child.

7. JEALOUS; means you compare your child with others consistently, there is no need for comparison, let your child be who he/she is.  Each is unique in his/her own way. There is no for comparing your child with a friends or neighbors child, they are not born the same day, even if they are, they are not made up of the same chromosomes.
Everybody can never be the same, let your child be who he/she is.

8. RUDE; watch it, either you or someone living with you is rude. It is a character that kids pick up easily from anyone around.

Are there more behaviors that our kids exhibit that I have not captioned here? Bring them in the comment box.

Your corrections too are welcomed in the comment box.


 STAY HAPPY ALWAYS......................

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