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For some first time moms, pregnancy may come as a pleasant surprise or a well expected news, but anyhow it came, without any experience pregnancy and having a new born baby can be a lot of work.
Some may not know what lies ahead after delivery, how to nurse,nurture and raise their little ones, that is where family and friends comes in with their contradicting advice and help. Having been through that dilemma before, I have arranged these 3 important decisions for our pregnant mommies to take before the baby finally arrives.

What a joy to miss your period in the name of being pregnant, what wonderful news it is. You can’t for the nine months to come so you see and carry your baby.
Some of us like me get ready for the baby’s arrival even before the 6th month. We have made so many decisions, choices and preferences as it concerns the new person coming into the family but there are some that normally escapes our mind and then after delivery so many advises will be flying in here and there from family and friends.
I never thought about these until it happened to me, as they say “experience is the best teacher”. 

1.    BREASTFEEDING Are you going to breastfeed exclusively, bottle feed, give only baby formula, water or all of them? This is a decision you have to take before delivery and prepare your mind as well as  your pocket towards your choice. If you don’t, hmmmm, after delivery, even before you come out from the labor room, people are waiting for you to tell the best one to do; whether it is okay by you or not, they don’t care. To avoid indecision and being confused, please take this decision before going into labor. They will come with their personal experiences on breastfeeding and get you more confused especially if you are first time mum. 
Mum in-law will come with her own,  if you doubt or  argue with  her hmmmm. That is why you need to see these tales on breastfeeding before making your decision on breastfeeding.

2.    PLACENTA DISPOSAL;   I never knew hospitals don’t dispose placenta for patients until I had my second and third babies.  My husband was called and handed over the placenta, that it is his property; he should take care of it. He told them to dispose it; they said they don’t do that. “THEIR POLICY”. He came to me with it and I wasn’t in the mood to discuss placenta. Can you imagine, not up one hour after delivery, discussing placenta disposal? How is that supposed to be my problem at that moment?  Okay nah, we just concluded to find somewhere and bury it around the house instead of throwing it in the garbage. To avoid being disturbed, when you should be thinking of how to get your strength or sleep after delivery, take the decision of what to do with the placenta before delivery. Throwing in the garbage, burying or burning? Some women even preserve theirs. MAKE THAT DECISION NOW.
3.    VACCINATION; normally hospitals give BCG and some other vaccines at birth, before leaving the hospital. But they won’t do that without your permission. You need to decide if you want your child to take the pains at birth or maybe later when he is like a week old or more, or if you can handle the fussing of the child after the vaccination. Family and friends will be there as usual to tell you what to do and hence leaving you confused as all of them will come with their different opinions. Some mothers will say they dont want  the baby to cry too much at that tender stage and all of that, while some will say the pain and subsequently the cry wont kill..                 



Don't forget to share with your friends, sisters sisters in-law, to let them know and take these decisions.

Do you think there is an important decision a pregnant woman needs to take before going for delivery that I didn’t remember? Educate us in the comment box.

Till I come your way again……

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