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My lovelies, how body, the kids and everything?

If you leave these men, housework won’t let you rest.
Well in my own case, initially I was forming strong woman, good wife, energetic young lady and multitasking woman, na so I just I just dey depreciate every day, my body come tell me true.
One day I said to myself, “I’m not in this family thing alone, I have these kids with someone and this man is already used to me doing everything around the house. Trying to stop now might cause some issues and arguments for us, there must be a way to get him involved I thought to myself.
  I asked politely and nicely;
  Me: sweet please can you help me drop the kids at school while I get your breakfast ready on your return?
Him:  don’t worry, I can wait I’m not in a hurry to go to work today.
Ok, this one failed, I carried face for some days, and then he will do it for some days to pacify me and then leaves it for me again.
Well so many things doesn’t need quarrel or argument, there are other ways.
Something must work, I said to myself.
              WAKING UP LATE; I will intentionally wake up late; drag my feet in waking up the kids. After bathing them, I will ask oga to help me dress them while I get their lunch pack ready, he can see they are already running late.
That was it. He helped me dress them couple of times and my children got used to him dressing them up both for school, church and outings. Immediately you finish bathing them, they will pack their cloths, “mummy I want daddy to dress me” these children need an award. CASE SETTLED.

·       SERVING HIS BREAKFAST LATE.  Being a full time stay at home then, was not easy. I will wake up early get the children ready for school, drop them at school and still pick them up at closing time. Picking them up at closing time wasn’t an issue but dropping them off in the morning and still come back to serve hubby breakfast and continue with house chores. Ok, something must work I said to myself again.
After dropping them off in the morning, I will intentionally take time to return, drive slowly, and greet everybody I see on my way and sometimes branch at the market. By the time I return, he will be dressed already  waiting for me to get his food, his own case is worse that he doesn’t know how to cook at all neither will he take fast food, noodles or cereals for breakfast, he wants real food, to him that’s what will sustain him till he returns in the evening.
When he noticed that my school runs in the morning makes him late to work sometimes when he needs to at work early, he decided to be helping me do the runs in the morning while I get his breakfast ready on his return.
                  MY FOOD IS BURNING; the next issue is how to get him in helping the children with their        homework. Well, thank God he’s quite intelligent, so he can’t say he doesn’t know what to do with their homework.
Children; mummy please, my homework
Me; go to your daddy
Daddy; baby please help them with their homeworks, I’m tired and needs to rest.
Me;  OK, I’m still cooking when I’m done.
That means we will do the homework around 8pm or sometimes when I’m doing it, you will still hear me shout ‘sweet please help me finish up with them, my food is burning’.

Me sef, by the time I shout at them and beat them while doing the homework, they would prefer their dad helping them.

I don’t subscribe to home teacher because I won’t know how the child is fairing with school work.
Till now they will wait for their dad to come back and help them with their homework, in fact they even fight over who daddy will help.

I don't know what you want me to do? All I know is that my tricks worked for me.
Did I overdo my own? Lets hear your own in the comment box.

How did you get your husband in helping out around the house? Let’s hear it in the comment box.

 TILL I BEEP YOU AGAIN.....STAY HAPPY ALWAYS………………………                                 
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