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Being a full time stay at home housewife/mom was something I had and wish I could have back. Before I got a job, I felt I was missing something, I felt there was a  need for me to get a job and get my brain busy, I nagged hubby, disturbed him, worried him to get me a job. He had to send me to school to further my education to get my brain busy (as I always put it) till a job comes. But that was not what I wanted, reading and studying again was far from my head then.

Bu then I didn't know how demanding office work, housework, raising the kids and meeting hubby's being a wife and a mom will be, but so many women are doing it and are successful at both so I must do it, I thought to myself. 

It was a different story as a housewife; nothing else bothers you apart from the home front.So many things about me and of course the family and how we lived before the job came has changed since the office work part of my life emerged.


      1)  My Wake up time changed; those days as a housewife I wake up 6:15 am and still meet up with school time for the kids. After school runs I head back home to continue with my chores, eat, sleep and go to the market if need be. As a working mum, who born me to be in bed till 6:00am? My wake up time changed to 5: 30, because I have to make breakfast for hubby, get the kids ready for school, prepare their lunch pack and also take my lunch pack with me. No more going back home after school runs in the morning, its straight to the office. I want my 6:15am wake up time back

My Bedtime obviously changed too; since my wake up time changed, consequently my bedtime has to change so as to meet up with the wake up time. No more late night movies, no more late night pressing of phone, as at 9:00pm I’m ready to retire to bed, because duty calls tomorrow. I want my late night movies with biscuits and groundnut back. 

3)    No more Afternoon nap at home; this is the one I miss most,  I still find it difficult to adjust to being awake from morning till night without two seconds to rest my head during the day. No matter what I’m doing, it must wait till tomorrow or later, I must take my siesta  before going to pick the kids from school, as soon as they return from school you can’t even sit down not to talk of sleep.    I want my nap time back like seriously.    

4)    No more time for Nagging; I had all the time in the world to nag, let my husband try and come home late, he will meet me waiting for him with my tongue very well sharpened ( thank God he no dey send me those days), he will only say, “ I need to get you a job to keep your brain busy. Thank God he finally did and my nagging stopped actually. No more time to think what he did or said to me yesterday, I got busy.                     

Nagging is pleasurable and eases off the stress of a housewife. Of course it really does.

 5) My allowance reduced; this one pains me the most; extra cash no dey tear pocket. My allowance reduced as oga now said I can afford to buy my soap, cream, recharge card for myself. I still know how to make up the reduced allowance. But I want my full allowance back.  

6)  My weekends got very busy too; as a full time stay at home mum/wife, I enjoy my weekends with my family so well. After spending the whole week alone at home, the weekend is for me and my family. I do all my cooking’s and almost all my house chores during the week, so I can have enough time with them over the weekend. As a working mum, hmmmm, I do my cooking’s and house chores on Saturdays and then sleep on Sundays. No visiting, no visitors, only go to church, come back home, eat and sleep.I want my sweet weekends back.

I think love being a full time housewife more than a working mum. Do you have the same thought like me or otherwise? 

Which one do you prefer? full time housewife or a working mom?

Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment box.

Till I come your way …Stay happy always......  

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