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No communication (the silent treatment) is a NO-NO.

Silent treatment is that moment when husband and wife are not talking to each other, single syllabus words like, no,yes,OK,maybe etc is used in talking to each other, probably because one person is feeling offended, and the other person does not want to apologize. Sometimes while the cause of the quarrel has been forgotten, the silent treatment still goes on because nobody wants to swallow his/her pride to apologize and say sorry.

Who said marriage is a bed of roses? If I hear. It is sweet and bitter at the same time only that we choose to see the sweet side and ignore the bitter side, that’s when marriage is sweet. There are things my husband does that i don't like.

One woman lost her husband, her only complaint was that her quarrel partner is gone, nobody to argue with or nag, nobody to fight with, she said the man should wake up that she wants to fight. Quarrels and arguments makes marriage what it is. Another woman said marriage will be very boring without quarrels, fights and arguments, she said there will be no opportunity for her husband to beg her and tell her sorry. That begging makes her feel good and very important.

When I first got married any small thing I fall back to silent treatment not knowing that if I don’t say my mind that hubby is not a mind reader, he too will ignore and then we go days without talking to each other, while we sleep on the same bed, go to church in the same car, sometimes eat from the same plate, very funny indeed. Yes, no, ok, maybe, ask him, ask her, I don’t know becomes my sentence. Sometimes he will know why I'm angry but will just form that if I don't tell him, that he wont know because he is not a mind reader. I'm the one that starts the silent treatment of a thing anyways.

I won’t know how to tell him something or ask for something I need because I will tell myself I’m not talking to him, thereby cheating myself. And my need wont be met at that moment. Thank God for bbm, whatsapp, that’s where I communicate with him till the end of the silent treatment, and then he will decide not to be replying my messages,  that if I need anything I should tell him verbally. Throughout my days of silent treatment na me dey loose. While I’m hurting inside and seeking to end the silent treatment, I will be forming angry and Mrs.Right.


As years grew by I realized I have been cheating myself all these while in the name of silent treatment, afterall there are so many ways to kill a rat.

When I decided to say no to silent treatment, hubby became worried and was like, ‘my wife no dey vex again,this woman wey sabi vex, wetin come happen’ for my mind I will say ‘you never jam.

Saying no silent treatment is the best thing that has ever happened to my marriage, I became a better wife and quarrels and arguments ended. After an argument, we continue chatting and gisting as normal like nothing happened.

I remember those days of silent treatment, hubby wont go to church or go anywhere with me because we are not speaking to each other, but now, even we quarrel now, next minute we will be on our way out.

( I know how to get him sha, that’s a story for another day.)

After a quarrel or argument, I act normal like nothing happened while he will be expecting silent treatment and will even initiate it. We talk, gist, chat, play bedroom activities (that was quite unlike me then). SILENT TREATMENT IS A LOSS, IT DOES NOT PAY.

Honestly, since I said no to silent treatment, we go months without arguments or quarrels, it seems like we just met and have not had reasons to quarrel or argue. I realized the quarrel or the cause of the quarrel is not really the issue, the issue now becomes the silent treatment, trying and struggling to break the communication barrier.

Couples have lost opportunities and some other things all because of silent treatment, no communication. Can you imagine where coupples are using their kids to talk to each other, sending their kids to deliver messages when they are at home at the same time. BBM, whatsapp, facebook messenger, telegram, etc became means of communication between lovers, that is really bad.

Anything can happen during that period of silent treatment, the devil may get an opportunity to strike and tempt either the husband or the wife.

SAY NO TO SILENT TREATMENT AND ENJOY YOUR HOME. You will agree with me that during the period of the silent treatment, there seems to be an invisible wall between you and your spouse, the more the silent treatment continues, the taller and thicker the wall gets. 

Any experience on the silent treatment and its consequences, kindly share with us in the comment box.

We really do love to hear from, your one minute plsssssssssssss.

Kindly share to tell your family friends to desist from silent treatment.


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