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  What is it a mom cannot do? A mom that can not be answering a call and bathing her child is that one a mom? 

Some children like mine can disturb for Africa, they will worry until you loose your patience, they can ask questions like questionnaire.

Hmmmmm, sometimes as a mom,   sometimes you need your space, some alone time, some time to recollect and continue again, but your kids wont just let you, so you just need  to find something and tell your child(ren) so they will  let you be. Especially when you have children that can ask questions like questionnaire.

I don't call them lies anyways I call them my escape route.

1. Its the same thing; who said I must give my child that exact thing he wants at that particular moment, I'm not God that has everything readily available at all times,they just have to make do with what is available at the moment. That moment you cook a meal different from what your child likes or wants and you have to make him eat what you have, you just say THEY ARE THE SAME THING. Your child wants cornflakes and you served him goldenmorn.  Your child wants biscuit rice and stew and you gave him/her jollof rice and tell him/her that they are the same thing.  You sef check am if they are really the same thing. TO ME THEY ARE THE SAME THING.

2. I will think about it; Don't know how to tell your child no at what you earlier promised; promised your child of taking him out and the question comes again,'mommy aren't you taking me out again'? You are not sure if to say or no say yes, and then you reply "I WILL THINK ABOUT IT BABY'. My children already know that means no. Promised your child to buy him/her something you know you are not going to buy, and then question comes again, Mommy are you not going to buy that thing for me again? THEN THE REPLY COMES I WILL THINK IT.

3. I'm fine; mom is always fine and just have to be fine and will always be fine. Doing the chores alone, feeling feverish, having headache, crying after a fight with dad, not enough money at hand, feeling lonely. Mom are you OK? I'M FINE MY DEAR. MOM IS ALWAYS FINE.

4. But we have that at home; when your child asks you to buy something they don't need or you probably cant afford at the moment, and you don't want to embarrass your child, you simply reply BUT WE HAVE THAT AT HOME. Children can want so many things, both the ones they need or have and the ones they need, they want everything, MY REPLY IS SIMPLE, BUT WE HAVE THAT AT HOME.

5. Tell me the truth and I wont shout, yell or raise my voice at you or beat you; I remember telling my mom the truth why I came back home late from school one day after she promised she wont beat me, OH MY GOD, after receiving the beating of my life that day, I wish I had lied. I believed she was not going to beat me, but if you too hear my reason for coming home late from school that day, you will beat me very well too.

6. Dad will soon be back.  Sometimes when my children want something and I'm not giving it to them, they start looking for their dad, who hardly says no to them. To stop the recurring question ; 'mom when is dad coming back or where is daddy?  I simply reply DADDY WILL SOON BE BACK, even when I haven't spoken with him in couple of hours or know where he is. Daddy had better come back before the question surfaces again.

  I know some people will be like "haba", some of these escape routes are not necessary, but to me they are more than necessary and important.

Do you think these my escape routes are not necessary?Feel free to share your opinions in the comment box. 

I'M sure there are some other escape routes you must have taken to dodge disturbances from your kids, feel free to share them with other moms who also want to have some rest from plenty children's questions....................


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