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      7  classes of women you will definitely meet in Abuja.
    Friends and mummies I have come again with my gist to keep you busy and make you think and     also remember me.
    Heyyyy, this is a very interesting and well thought out article, I love it.
    I have been in this town, ABUJA, for close to 10 years now, marriage brought me here though. Going out and meeting people, is part of life. in the church, office, social gatherings, meetings etc, women abound and they love gist and thereby I get to interact with them
 Anywhere you go; you meet women of different categories and class each with a specific identification. I have taken my time to study these classes and have come to the conclusion of these classes. HAVE FUN WITH ME.

 1. THE RELIGIOUS WOMAN; these women are always in church, prays and fasts almost on daily basis, preaching to you all the time, making you feel you don’t love God enough or you don’t pray enough. Sometimes I ask them, why they no marry pastor sef. They run from work to church, and belong to almost all the departments in church. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH BECAUSE THEY INCREASE MY SPIRITUAL LIFE. 

 2. THE FULL TIME HOUSEWIFE; these types you know them when you go for school runs, their hairnet will still be on their head. They know the title of all    the series in zee world, telemundo and Africa magic, and the time of broadcast of each series. They know where to buy good bum shorts and at good prices. I know because I was once there. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH BECAUSE YOU LEARN ANGER, HUSBAND AND NAGGING MANAGEMENT FROM THEM. 

 3. THE WORKING CLASS WOMAN; you see these women rush off to work in the morning; their slogan is ‘I have been busy with office work’.  I LOVE THESE WOMEN BECAUSE YOU LEARN NEW TREND IN FASHION, HAIRSTYLE AND MAKE UP FROM THEM. They always want to on top of their game at any time. Their “I too sabi” plenty shaa.

 4. THE MADAM; these women are always busy doing nothing. Their kids go to school while they are still in bed; they have up to 3 maids at home including a maid for hubby. They don’t know their children’s performance at school,that is left for the home lesson teacher to worry about. You get the trending gist on social media and new slangs from them.

 5. THE SHOW OFF; this class their own too much. They make it a must to wear a new cloth, shoe and hair to every or any occasion. They don’t even mind borrowing money to get what they ;2want. The last money on them is used for fashion and meeting up. They are the ones you see at the petrol station and they buy 10 liters of petrol in their range rover sport. I LOVE THIS CLASS BECAUSE THEY DON’T CARRY LAST. 

 6. THE ALWAYS BROKE; this recession is a good reason for this class to continue crying for money. They can lament for Africa i don’t have money is their second name, but when you do business with them they pay you sharp sharp. If they mistakenly pour your oil, they pay immediately without argument. They will brush your car and take straight to their mechanic without any exchange of words. I CALL THEM MADAM CASH. I love doing business with them, they don’t have time to owe, and they are the masters of mobile banking. 

  7. THE BUSINESS WOMAN; these women own shops, chains of businesses, properties in their      names. They don’t mix business with pleasure or friendship. On business level, they talk strictly business,on  friendship level ,they relate with you as a friend.                                                                       
They complain of money too, how they have invested all their cash in one business like that and    don’t have cash at hand. I LOVE THEM BECAUSE THEY KNOW HOW TO SPEND MONEY VERY WELL AND THEIR BUSINESS BRAIN IS SHARP.  They turn everything to business. If I call names eeeeeeeeeee
    8. I almost forgot the PERFECT WIFE/MOM; this class of women are always perfect in       everything they do, always ready to condemn and judge you. they will be like; madam, your two year old still wear diaper? Haba now madam, my child stopped wearing diapers at 10 months. They will tell how well they manage work and family without stress, meanwhile they have almost two helps at home. They are always there for hubby to give him sex when and how he wants it. I LOVE THEM BECAUSE THEIR LIES CATCHES UP WITH THEM.

I had fun studying these classes of women. Hope you had fun reading too and wondering where you belong? As for me, I have a character of them all. Don’t forget to share with your friends and sisters let them laugh and also know where they belong.

Did I mention your class or miss any class, please tell me more of Abuja women in the comment box.
         STAY HAPPY ALWAYS.           
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