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By Gods grace, 30th December 2018 will make it 10 good years I traditionally married,
(30th December 2008), so far so good, it has been a wonderful experience. 
 My mom never told me of anything i will be seeing in my husbands house, I figured them out myself. Experience they say is the best teacher and it has taught me well.

 My residential address will change; I still have an issue to stop calling my father’s house,“our house”, my husband still corrects me till today that that house is my mother’s house, my mom in-law still tells me to forget my fathers house, that it is even in the bible. To wake up one morning and start referring to another person’s house as my house, well, I don’t have a choice.

  He may not change;if  there is anything you don’t like about your husband during courtship, and you know you can’t live with that for the rest of your life but you think he will probably change after marriage, my sister that only happens in Africa magic. Don’t say when you get married and with prayers he will change. Yes with prayers, he will definitely change but how patient will you be before God answers your prayers. 
 You are responsible and to be blamed for everything; my husband will blame me even when my kids fall sick; like it is my fault they are sick. If your husband falls sick too, it is your fault, if a business plan he never told you about fails, it is your fault, if your child is not doing well academically and otherwise, it is your fault. Just accept everything is your fault and you will have maximum peace. Dont argue, it is your fault he didnt wake up early for an appointment.

   Always have water in your mouth when your husband is angry at you; heyyyyyyy. Which man wants his wife to talk back at him or talk while he is talking?                             
A story was told of a woman that reported her husband to the reverend father for domestic violence, and the reverend gave her a bottle of holy water and instructed her to always put the holy water in her mouth anytime her husband is angry and shouting at her. This she does anytime the man gets angry and the violence stopped, the woman was happy and now went back to reverend for more of the holy water that it works. The reverend told her it is only water with small salt to shut her up while her husband is talking; no one talks with water in the mouth. KEEP MUTE WHEN YOUR HUSBAND IS TALKING. He won’t even have anything to hold you with that you insulted him when the argument is eventually over. Some men still don’t like their wives keeping mute when they are shouting at them; they say that means you are calling them barking dogs.  I don’t know what will happen to me if I talk while my husband is talking, maybe I should try it one day. 

   You don’t have a calling, likes and dislikes until marriage; there are so many things I know on a normal day I wouldn’t do or eat, but hmmm, marriage made me compromise. You may want to live in another different from the one your husband wants, but because of marriage you just have to join him where he lives. You may change your dream job because of marriage and family.  As a woman, you must compromise some things. WELLLLLL. 

  You will need some friends; no man is an island, you can’t survive alone. You need some friends for encouragement and probably have a chit chat with sometimes. Your husband may not always be there. CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS WISELY, THEY CAN MAKE OR MAR YOUR LIFE. A friend told another friend to cheat on her husband too since he is cheating on her, and the friend took her friends advise and now her husband’s girlfriend is living in her house and she, in her fathers.

Once in a while give yourselves a break; anytime my husband travels and returns, he makes me feel missed and very important, following me up and down, from the room to the kitchen, he wants to tell me everything that happened where he went to. And I too don’t want him to leave my sight either. I THINK IT INCREASES AND HELP MORE BONDING. After a while we get used to each other again and oops we are back to being normal again.                                     I heard this from a friend when she said she must leave her husband once in a while and go to her parents, sisters’, or in-laws’ place. To let the man miss her presence and appreciate her presence when she returns. That when she comes back, the love becomes very fresh and sweet. During my six months training was the first time I left my husband for more than a week, even though I go home often, but anytime I come it seems I just met him, he does everything and anything to make me happy. I loved the experience and I try to also give us a break sometimes now at least for a week and come back. The love and affection I get anytime I travel I come back no be here. I DON’T NEED TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE WELCOME GIFT IN THE OTHER ROOM.

           I know there are plenty things you wish someone told you or warned you about before   you      got 
married, please tell us in the comment box. Are there things you wish to know about marriage before settling down? Ask us in the comment box.

       TILL I BEEP YOU AGAIN.............

       STAY HAPPY ALWAYS...........

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