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And I ask, but it takes two to tango.

  Online, in the church, at home, in the society, all you hear is woman this, woman that. All the books written on relationships are referring to the woman.

A mother calls her daughter and gives lengthy lecture on how to be a good wife; and no one lectures the son on how to be a good husband. From the day a baby girl is born, the mother starts grooming her into a virtuous, responsible, submissive,good wife.

And the baby boy? He is only taught how to play football, watch television and play TV games.
At the bookshops, all you see is;
  • 9 ways to keep your man
  •  14 secrets to maintaining your husband’s love
  • 5 practical ways to remain sexy and attractive to your husband.
  • And the list is unending, referring to the female gender.

What is the man supposed to be doing while the woman does all the work to keep him? Doesn’t he need to remain sexy and attractive to his wife? Are there no secrets for him to know on maintaining his wife’s love?

I remember one woman saying that her late husband never allowed her sons to do anything around the home. saying that they belong outside, if they are done watching television they should go outside and play football. and her sons grew up with that mentality.

Is it only the woman that needs to work out and keep fit? Is there nobody to lecture the man on how to be a good husband?

While it is good to work and keep fit, if not for anything, but for health sake, and to look good and nice for yourself it should not be all about the man.  Women ends up giving men too much importance in our lives (though they deserve it, it’s not easy to be a man, I will still be a woman in my next world if there's anything like that) but we shouldn’t lose our place, self esteem and our self importance while doing so.

 Is it only the work of the woman to keep the relationship bubbling? What happens to the men folk?
  • I think its high time men read books on relationships.
  • Its high time men fought and struggle to keep fit and sexy and remain attractive to their wives.
  • It’s high time someone sat our boys down and groom, train and lecture them into being good husbands. Not just telling them that all they need is to make money and any woman they want will be at their beck and call. Yes the men need to make money, but that’s not all they need to keep a home and their wives. MORE IS NEEDED.  Though that their money is VERY IMPORTANT to keep the home and love alive but still more is needed.

  • Teach your son how to cook, one day his wife may not be disposed to do the cooking. Will he and the kids feed at restaurants till whenever? 
Our fathers, pastors, and husbands even our mothers have a lot of work in raising the future husbands of our daughters. They need to know and understand the rudiments of a happy home and not just money making. They need to understand they too have a role to play to achieve the "lived happily ever after". Husband that does not mind doing laundry, cooking, baby sitting, a husband that will work as hard as the wife in raising the kids, keeping the home and keeping the relationship fire burning. A husband that does not just want to work and make money and be a man. A husband that will understand what it means to be a woman.

Dear dad, raise the kind of husband you want your daughter to marry; dear mom raise the kind of daughter you want your son to marry.

Do you think a successful home and marriage all depends on the woman? To me is NO-NO. Let’s hear your opinion in the comment box.

NB; don’t forget to share to let everybody know that we need a new a generation of husbands for our daughters.

Till I come your way again……


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