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 Handle your daughter’s natural hair with this.

I practically took of my uncle’s daughter then like she is my daughter, I will go to their house, wait for her mom to bath her and I will dress her and carry her with me to our house. I plait her hair,  I loved her because of her plenty hair.

The love I had and still have for her made me wanted a baby girl as my first child, a baby with full hair that I can plait.

When I had my daughter as my first child, (God answers prayers you know), she wasn’t as hairy as I wanted but I don’t have a choice. At one year hubby wanted to cut her hair I begged him to leave it that that tradition is gone, but my mom in-law insisted we cut her hair at one year, so I gave in. though her hair was only growing in the middle.

After then the struggle to grow the hair and keep it smooth, soft and silky began. It wasn’t easy coupled with the fact that my daughter won’t let you touch her hair, she can cry for hair ehn. Even to wash the hair neighbors will come and beg you to let her be, because she will cry down the neighborhood.

At a point, a friend saw how we always struggle to make her hair and advised I relax her hair to help her, that was when she was like 3 years, I relaxed her hair using kids’ relaxer. But then, it was a struggle, and then came the shea butter and honey advice which I also did. Though the shea butter and honey works but I noticed it brings dandruff. I started relaxing her hair every 4-5 months then I noticed her hair color started changing, from the color 2 it was to golden, hmmmmmm, I almost gave up, but she’s my only daughter, she must plait hair.

Conditioning with natural ingredients, egg, shea butter, coconut oil, honey etc otherwise “called steaming” was my next option, that one works too, but it is work on its own and me no get power abeg. You have to do this one at least every month or anytime she loosens her hair. It was really hardwork for me.

Then we went visiting. I saw my friends’ daughters’ hair, very natural hair, not been relaxed before and it was smooth, silky, soft and long. So I asked her the secret she said CANTU CREAM FOR KIDS. I asked where I could buy it; she said any cosmetics shop should have it. The next day I got it. I would do anything for her hair.

Lo and behold, it works like magic, I love it. We encounter less stress and cry while combing hair as her hair became softer, silkier and smooth. I haven’t and I’m not planning to stop my conditioning with natural condiments (steaming).  I still home steam her hair. The hair started growing; the texturiser (relaxer) I used then also caused stunted growth for the hair, her hair color is gradually coming back.

I think the cream works better on a pure very natural hair, hair that has not been relaxed for the first time.

If your daughter has not relaxed her hair before, I recommend Cantu cream for kids to help you manage her hair better.


Cantu cream has different products for different purposes depending on what you want for your hair. It also has for adult for those of us keeping natural (have not used it on mine though)
I’m still reasoning how to make my own Cantu cream using the ingredients on the pack and more sef (I love making my own things sha).


Do you know any product that is good or maybe better than Cantu in hair management? Please tell us in the comment box. I will try anything for her hair and even mine, as I dey plan to stop retouching my hair. I really want to hear your advice on hair management.

Till I disturb you again………



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