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A daughter is a friend,a sister and a mother
Every woman and man wants a male child, an heir to his name and properties, before ever wishing or thinking to have a baby girl. I have heard and seen first time mum begging God to give her a male child first and she will be settled.
The way some men react when their wives give birth to female kids, like it’s not a woman that gave birth to them, or they don’t need a woman to give them that male child they so much desire.

I heard of a man that abandoned his wife and new born baby in the hospital because she had a girl and to think that it is their first child. The man claiming that he is an only son and needs a male child to carry on with his name and business, or maybe he is dying tomorrow. How sure is he that the male child will live more than 10 years? Or will even be responsible enough to carry on with his business.

Some even keep another woman outside hoping to get a male child from her,forgetting that that it all depends on him to give himself a male child.

Honestly, baby girls are really wonderful and a blessing to every family. I firmly believe that any family without a girl child is lacking something. 

When I was pregnant with my first child, my husband wished and prayed for a male child while I was asking God for a female child, luckily for me, I had a girl.

  •        You as a mother, your daughter will be your friend forever. 
  •     You will only hold her hand for a while but she will hold your heart forever.
  •          My daughter is the reason why her brothers are not rough, does not climb the windows and I don’t get to shout every day. She is really mothering them for me.
  •       I feel relaxed and a little bit relieved when she returns from school; she automatically becomes my nanny and will look after the brothers, she keeps me company while I attend to my chores.
  •       It’s her duty to make sure I always have cold water in my fridge in my room, and she has not failed at that responsibility.
  •         She cleans my shoe every Sunday for church and will hold my bag for me.
  •       In the kitchen, she helps me a lot and also keeps me company, picks and washes vegetables for me, questioning me about everything I put in my pot and I don’t feel exhausted.
  •         Even when my husband does not notice my new dress, my new hair or shoe she does notice with the remark “mummy your dress, shoe, hair is beautiful”.
  •       When I was pregnant, anytime she hears me vomiting, she rushes to the toilet with a frown on her face and she will ask me, mummy are you vomiting again? Tell daddy to take you to the hospital. Then she will say, “now you have vomited everything you ate, you will be hungry now what will you eat mummy?                 I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK DEAR DAUGHTER.
  •      Come to think of it, who takes care of mummy when mummy is sick and old? I remember my maternal grandma took her last breath in my father’s house. When my mother felt taking food to her on daily basis wasn’t enough, she decided to bring her to come and stay with us.
  •  Remember your son will get married and his house will now belong to his wife, she chooses who stays in her house. But your daughter will do anything to have you her mom under her roof.
  • A story was told of a couple that agreed not to let anyone into their room on their wedding night, the man's parents came and knocked,cried and begged they refused opening the door for them.The lady's parents came and knocked and the lady felt pity for her parents and begged her husband to please open the door for her parents. The man there and then said he wants to have only girls who will hear his cry.You may say she is selfish but if it were to be me, I will open the door for my mom. I cant watch or hear her cry and do nothing.
  •      Did I mention that baby girls don’t suck you dry when they are breastfeeding?

As for me I love my daughter to the moon and back. But hey, I can kill for my boys.


Share if you love your daughter, sister or wife or grateful for being someone’s daughter. Share to encourage a daughter,a sister.

 A note from my daughter. Who wouldn’t want a daughter to get this kind of note from her?

Good  morning  MUMMY  you  are the  best  mum  one could ever  have.    I love    you MUM. YOU  give me food when  I am hungry I love you.   You give me water when I am thirsty I love you.     You take care of me I LOVE YOU.   YOU are like  a shiny bird  flying  in the sky I LOVE YOU .YOU make me want to cry I love you.   YOU give me something when I want it I love you. I LOVE YOU.

TO MUM, FROM CHIDINMA (copied the way she typed on my laptop)


Is there more to having a girl child or being a daughter that I didn't say? Please tell us more in the comment box.

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