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Being pregnant is a good feeling, and the best and  the sweetest period of my life. The attention,freedom,love and care that comes with it is overwhelming. Everybody around automatically becomes very caring and loving all because I had sex and my tummy got big. Even my husband has once told me that pregnancy is fun and even fashion because you get to wear  anything you like and no fashion will arrest you.

Every pregnant woman (at least me) does and enjoys doing these things but they may not admit doing them or enjoying them. also read; RESOLUTIONS FOR PREGNANT MOMMIES.

  1.  Forming weak and tired; Well, I love this part, because I love laziness too, no one sends me to do anything or run any errand, because before you do I will first tell you that am tired, how this pregnancy makes me feel so weak and tired. Everybody assumes being pregnant makes a woman weak and tire (it does make one feel weak and tired anyways). So, no one sends you on any useless errand.
  2. Feeling like a queen;   even though I'm a queen, if feels so good when everyone consciously treats you like a queen. How does it feel, when people give up their space for you to sit down, let you use the ATM before your turn, run around to get a sit for you, offer you a drink, help you carry things even your hand bag all because you had sex and it showed in your tummy? It feels really great I enjoy the attention and care.
  3. Getting angry unnecessarily; Being pregnant gives you every reason to get angry and remain angry as long as you want. You are free to get angry at any little thing and it will be termed "pregnant woman vex", "mood swing"  "baby bite anger", I enjoy this too. Some pregnant women can over react.
  4. Eating for two; For those that actually love food like me, pregnancy Is my best period. That is the only time I eat for Africa. I actually eat for two, my appetite really doubles. You can eat as many times as possible in a day. I love going for parties when pregnant because of that sweet smell of burnt party rice, it is called 'pregnancy long throat'. Nobody will question you on why you finished that big portion of food, or you are always eating, you will only hear don't mind her she is eating for two. After delivery my appetite goes back to normal.
  5. Waking up late; Thank God for pregnancy. I can wake up late and still nobody will ask me why, all because I had sex and my tummy became my witness.
  6. Attention and care; My mom-in law can spoil a pregnant woman. For the attention I get from her anytime am pregnant, I don't mind having a dozen children. For that period I'm the best and most important person in her life and in the whole family. My mom, you will get tired of answering her calls, she can call for Africa. And hubby, hmm, I have a special milk he buys specially for me anytime my period ceases in the name of pregnancy. Since he wants his child to come out very strong and healthy, he can buy me anything to eat. I eat anything I like. He doesn't mind giving me a massage, just let me have that child and everything goes back to normal.
  7. Sex; For my first child, sex seemed like a punishment maybe because its a girl, but for my last two, leave that one. I wonder what you want to hear.
  8. Selfish; ogbono soup is always my favorite anytime pregnancy happens, so everybody in my house must eat ogbono soup as many times as I want to eat in a week. My first pregnancy was no perfume pregnancy, so nobody in my house then was allowed to use perfume, except you use the perfume outside the house. Hubby was like, so we should all smell? Whats my own? You can small for all I care. If you bath well and use deodorant you won't smell.
To me being pregnant means you can actually get away with anything, all because you had sex. I just love being pregnant & feeling like a queen and very important.'
I used being pregnant to get away with virtually anything, now that I'm not pregnant, I'm just a normal member of the family. So don't blame me if you see me pregnant again, I just want to be a queen again.

Who-else loves being pregnant? Say "AYE".
Who else does and enjoys doing these things? SAY HI.

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What do you love& enjoy about being pregnant? let's hear your pregnancy love in the comment box. 

Some people will say my own too much.  That I'm not the first woman to ever get pregnant neither will I be last Do you think so too?  Kindly drop your opinion in the comment box.

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