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Marriage is not a child’s play; you are going to share your life and everything about you with someone else. You just have to careful in choosing who you want to be sharing your life with and raising kids with. It is not easy making that choice but you just have to make the choice. Some tips to help you make the right choice and also be happy with the choice you made have been listed here for you

1.    Know what you want; before settling down with your partner, know what you want in life and in that partner, and go for it. What do you want from your partner? Don’t settle for less than what you want. Do you want a graduate, a partner with a white collar job, a business man/woman, an entrepreneur, a student etc? What do you want? A Muslim, Christian, Traditionalist etc? A partner that will be truly a helpmate or one who is just there to answer a partner? Don’t be pressurized into accepting what you don’t want. Don’t settle for that partner out of pity if it is not what you want. MY POINT;  FIND WHAT YOU WANT AND GO FOR IT.

2.    Medical status/background/History; Know your medical status/background/history before marriage. Know your blood group/genotype before settling for that person, you wouldn’t want to suffer your kids, by making the wrong choice of partner. If you are AS make sure you go for AA, don’t make the mistake of marrying someone who don’t know his/her medical status/background/history. Save your kids, yourself and your partner the trouble and know your medical background/history first before dating. Your partner may not find it funny to discover that you have one disease or the other after marriage. It may destroy your marriage. Know your medical history/background and let your partner also be informed about it. 

3.    Know how to cook; whether man/woman, please just know how to cook. For a man, at least know how to make rice and stew, jollof rice or just boil yam, your woman may not be available at all times, and you and your kids will have to eat something. For a woman, being a good cook is not negotiable; you just have to be good in the kitchen. It is said that the way to man’s heart is his stomach. This saying is very very true, if you don’t know how to cook, ask for help, you need some cooking skills to keep your man and your marriage. MY POINT; YOU ARE NOT GOING TO STARVE YOUR PARTNER OR YOUR KIDS. 

4.    Know how to communicate your feelings; don’t think/believe that your partner is a mind reader or God that searches and know the hearts of men. Tell your partner how you feel about a particular thing, maybe his choice of friends, dressing, the way he talks to you or talks about you before family and friends etc. If your partner in any way hurts you, let him/her know, don’t assume he/she is supposed to know. Un-communicated feelings may lead to resentment. MY POINT; BE OPEN WITH YOUR FEELINGS TO YOUR PARTNER HE IS NOT A MIND READER. 

5.    Have a source of income; Source of income is not negotiable in marriage. Walk down the market, make a market survey of how much foodstuffs costs and then know if you are ready to run a family. If there is no source of income, what will your kids eat, wear when they finally arrive. Trust me; you are going to need lots and lots of money in marriage. Buying diapers, baby’s food, clothing, school fees etc are all going to involve money. For a man, a stable, good source of income is paramount before marriage, for a woman, hmm, my dear lady, you need a source of income for yourself no matter how little, let someone’s money enter your hand everyday or month. Have a hand work, do something with your life, don’t wait for a man before you start living your life. MY POINT; GET BUSY WITH SOMETHING AND MAKE SOME MONEY, NO MATTER HOW LITTLE.. 

6.    You can say no; you can actually say no to that marriage proposal if it’s not what you want. Don’t marry him/her to please your parents or friends, they will only be there on your wedding day and leave you to carry your cross thereafter.  MY POINT; NOBODY GOES INTO THE MARRIAGE WITH YOU. 

7.    Stop co-cohabiting; you are living with your future spouse and playing the good wife? You think he is not going to leave and go for someone else his mother/father chose for him? You clean his house, wash his cloths, do his dishes, and make love to him, and then what have you reserved for yourself and him for the marriage? WHAT IS THERE FOR HIM DISCOVER AFTER THE MARRIAGE? Visit him if need and then go back to your house, it will earn you some respect, if he is not okay with it, then quit he is not your man, if you ask me. MY POINT; IF HE HAS NOT PAID YOUR BRIDE PRICE, STOP PLAYING THE WIFE UNTIL YOU ARE THE WIFE. 

8.    Save the sex for marriage; believe me, when you finally get married, you are going to have lots and lots of sex, at different times and positions. You won’t have anything to fear or worry about. Why rushing it, when you both will belong to each other till death?MY POINT;  SAVE THE SEX ADVENTURE FOR MARRIAGE.

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Do you think I was wrong or right with these tips? Your one minute please, use the comment box and drop your opinion.

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