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3 things my husband does that I don’t like and how I handled them.

 I am here again with my plenty gist again.

Men sef, sometimes I don’t understand them, if you give them handshake they will demand 360 hug. Ok now, me I know how to give the hug without argument or wahala.
My husband wants everything to be perfectly done at all times, if the doctor says 5mls, it must not be even 0.1mls less or more. And the irony is that I don’t know how to be perfect at all, I’m not even near perfect sef but he has been managing me like that, I too have been managing him.
But there are things he does that I don’t really like and I don’t want to complain or nag about, so I took care of them myself.
I should get down from the car and open the gate; hmmm, instead of him to use his horn and call the people inside the house to come and open the gate, he wants me to get down with my fine cloth and heels  to open the gate. That he doesn’t want to disturb the people inside,they might be sleeping. Good man, kind man,considerate man.
MY SOLUTION;   him; baby please open the gate.
                                 Me; just go and open it let me drive in. I will just jump like a monkey over to the driver’s side to drive in while he opens the gate. CASE CLOSED.

 I should take the kids to the hospital at the slightest fever or sign of sickness; This man does not believe that every mother is a medical doctor without an MBBS. Even on paracetamol pack they say “if symptoms persists after 3 days consult your doctor”. Which means, you are expected to take some drugs at home before heading to the hospital. My husband wants the kids to always see the doctor before taking any medicine. HE SAYS NO SELF MEDICATION.
MY SOLUTION; I had to form sick the last time my two children were sick, so he took us all to the hospital and waited for us to bring us back. I formed not able to drive too. The last time my two year old was sick, he suggested I should go and buy malaria drugs for him first.

 To rush to the kids anytime I hear them cry or shout; will children ever stop crying and shouting? My last baby can cry for Africa. So I’m expected to rush to him anytime he cries, hmm that means I have to be on y toes every minute. Even when they are playing outside, I should always be checking to know when they cry, even my oldest child of 7years plus. I have asked my husband if he didn’t have a child in his first world (if there is anything like first world.). He said, you never can tell, maybe they injured themselves.
MY SOLUTION; anytime I hear small cry before the cry gathers momentum, I will rush enter the toilet, if Im in the sitting room, I will enter the kitchen.
      Him; baby someone is crying, please know why he/she is crying.
      Me; I’m in the toilet, please help me check them.
      Him; ok.
This happened for a couple of times and he noticed that these children can cry unnecessarily sometimes or crying over nothing. That checking on them anytime they cry makes them soft and cries more and wears one out. So he stopped checking on them and also stopped asking me to check on them.                                                         If I had said ohhhh you are disturbing me or I won’t go, then I would be looking for trouble.

Letting me walk behind him during offering or Holy Communion in church; he will always sit at the edge in church and then during offering or communion he gets up and starts going, but I expect him to let me be in his front while he walks behind me. For crying out loud, WHAT HAPPENED TO LADIES FIRST? To me he is supposed to always walk behind me to show that he is ready to protect from any danger.
MY SOLUTION; still work in progress, my trick didn’t work last Sunday.
I solved my issues without nagging, arguing, quarreling or anything, I only pulled some tricks and it worked.
There are things these men  does that we all don’t like, please tell us more in the comment box and how you handled them or you plan to handle them.
Maybe you don't have an issue with my issues, please lets hear your opinion in the comment box.


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