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No child will wear diaper forever; he/ she will need to get out of diapers someday. Some children are easily potty trained especially girls , while for some it is an uphill task.
 Anyhow, it depends on how we mothers approach and manage potty training. It can be fun but stressful at the same time for both mother and child.
Potty training has little to do with age but more with readiness of the child to be potty trained. Some kids at 18 months, (a year and 6 months,) are already fully  potty trained while some at 2years or more has no interest in potty training,hence it still boils down to the mother. 

It was easier potty training my daughter than my boys; it took longer time and hard work to get my boys out of diapers.

What is your answer to the following questions  before you start the potty training process.
     Does your hold or clutch the diaper? My daughter at 1 year already started holding her diaper when pressed, though she will still pee in the diaper but that was a sign she understood and knew she wanted to pee or poo-poo. On the other hand, my son at 2 years hasn't started that.
          Does he/she understand and follow simple instructions? For my daughter,she started talking and understanding basic instructions like remove your pants, come and pee; earlier, that made the whole potty training process a whole lot easier.
          Does your child keep a diaper dry for at least 2 hours?  I knew my kids were ready to be potty trained when they don’t get to pee or poop in their diaper after church service or an outing. They can sleep and wake up without wetting their diapers, then i will know it is time to start potty training. For my daughter she stopped wearing diapers before she started school at 1 year and 10 months, we were using the potty at bath time to poop or pee.  
          Does your child seem interested in using the potty?  I normally make their potty look attractive and very colorful to make them interested in using it. I use stickers of their favorite cartoon characters to decorate their potty.

·        Understand your child’s facial expression when they feel pressed to use the toilet? For my daughter her facial expression changes the moment she wets her diaper but turns deeply red when she wants to poop, and then comes the question, do you want to poop baby? And she responds, positive. For my son you will see him squat at which I will rush him to the potty to poop.
   Does your child verbally tell you that he/ she want to pee or poop? For my second child, we never waited for that to happen because it took a long while for him to start talking but for my girl before 2 years she already started telling me when she felt pressed.            

After answering these questions you can then decide if it is time or not to start potty training. You don’t have to be in a hurry and don’t say, “see your mate she’s already fully potty trained”, remember different strokes for different folks.
If you have finally decided to start, make the whole process fun for your little one and you see them enjoy using their potty and the potty training process.

TRIED, TESTED AND TRUSTED TIPS TO HELP YOU SUCCESSFULLY POTTY TRAIN YOUR CHLD.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Make the potty colorful and attractive to increase their interest in using it. Some kids don't like the sight of potty, they would prefer to use the toilet. My daughter loved using her potty because she always wanted to see Dora which is her favorite cartoon character and then shout doraaaaa. For my son I used Mickey Mouse stickers. Each time I wanted him to use the potty, I will tell him lets go see mickeyy and before I got there he is already there.
  Set a timer. I had to set a timer for every  1hour- 90minutes for us to use the potty to pee(depending on how much water your child consumes) even though they must not pee every time. If your child already goes to school it might conflict with the potty training methods he/she is learning in school. I made sure they poop every morning before bath to avoid messing up unexpectedly in school. 

Give rewards after like 3 successful use of the potty. If my kids used their potty I normally give them a sticker, I will say, for using your potty today you earned for yourself a sticker. This method is called motivation which we all know works better than criticism. Anticipating the lollipop will make them want to use the potty. 

   If your child successfully used the potty, sing praises of him/ her and tell her what big girl or boy he/ she is. My daughter hates to be called a small girl and she talked quite early, for that she always wanted to use her potty to show me that she is a big girl and I will respond," what a big girl thing you have done", big girls pee in their potty and not in their pants. After using her potty, she runs back to me shouting, mummy I’m a big girl and I will reply yes you are, take high five.
 With my daughter these tips worked very well easily and faster,  but for my sons it wasn’t that easy. It may take like 3 months  to fully potty train a child depending on how well the child picks up the training.

Don’t punish you child who is on potty training for any accidental discharge of peeing on the floor maybe if bare bottomed, that will discourage the child just make him understand that it is an accident and isn’t expected to happen again.

I may have missed some important points in this potty training process, please tell us more in the comment box. 
Is there a method you used that worked faster and better please still tell us in the comment box.

STAY HAPPY ALWAYS.......................

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