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A very beautiful day to you all my wonderful people, its  another day of blogging.

The perfect number of kids, is there anything like that?  

The number of kids to have in our world today is determined by so many factors, ranging from finance, health, choice etc. Some people  like me would love to have 8 kids or even more, but mine will be on the condition that I get a surrogate mother ( someone else carries the pregnancy while it is my egg and hubbys sperm).

 I have 3 amazing wonderful children that I ask myself everyday what life would have been without any one of them.
So far so good, I have learnt some lessons from having and mothering 3 children and some hidden truths inside it.
  • You will be needing more hands, as your  number of kids  outnumbers your hands. Imagine walking in a mall with your children and you want to hold their hands at the same time, you are sure gonna borrow one more hand to accommodate your 3 kids. Your mouth, leg and any other part of your body may serve as your hands at that time.
  • The work and cost of raising kids doubles with the entrance of each child. The number of cloths you wash with one child is not the same with two, three children. The noise, expenses, talk, everything about raising kids just doubles.
  • The first child at the age of the last child, seemed older than the last at that age. I remember when I had my second child, my first was just two, but I expected her to know and understand that she is no more a baby and give me some space to allow me take care of the new baby. At seven now I expect her to bath, feed, take care of her younger ones, which she does anyways. I hardly spoon feed or even carry her when she was a two, but my last child, at two years seemed like two months old to me. I still spoon feed, carry and sing lullaby for him at almost 3 years.  Hubby has warned me severally not to spoil the boy, I should raise him as a man, but my brain keeps telling me he is still a baby.
  • Your money starts growing wings; with more of number of kids you have, the more your money grows wings. You will be wondering if you are loosing money or something. I still wonder how my mom did it with 7 of us and some relations around totaling almost 9. obviously with each addition the the family, expenditure increases.
  • No even number game with three kids; sometimes when my kids want to play "hold your partner game", one person must cry as he/she wont have a partner. Then they start looking for mom or dad, anybody who is available to play the game with them. I banned that game in my house till we get a partner for everyone.
  • You are outnumbered; have you tried sharing one apple between 3 people? How did you do it? Mom comes in again, anything that wont go round to the 3 three of them that may need sharing so that everyone gets equal, mom comes in to save the day, I get my own share. Sharing one apple into 4 will be easier.
  • You will truly understand that each child is different both in looks, character, intelligence, development and all round wise. When I had my first child, I never knew a child will take pap without being force fed, until I had my second child, feeding him pap was very easy. With my second child, I never knew a child would cry through out the day non stop, because he rarely cry's until I had my last child, that one is  cry master. In every other way, they all have their individual differences.
  • The middle child suffers more; the first child enjoyed the privilege of being one and first child during the babyhood days, the second child now shares that privilege. The last child enjoys the last meat in the pot for being the last born. Where is the place of the second child?
  • Your love does not reach elastic limit; with each child, your tank of love expands to accommodate the child. Your love as a mom does not expire  and your love tank can never get full, no matter the number of kids you have. You have the capability to love all of them equally.
    Your house may get messier and more disorganized with the increasing number of kids.
     Having three kids is fun. Mommy, completes the number and everyone gets a partner. If dad joins the game, one person still won't have a partner.

 I think I should have another child, probably a girl so as to have an even number of kids and give everyone a partner. OR WHAT DO YOU THINK?  Drop your thoughts in the comment box. 

You may want to increase your number of kids to an even number and give everyone a partner or you don't mind being the partner?

Do you have a different experience about having 3 or odd number of kids? Share your experience with us in the comment box.

 Till I beep you again .....


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