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6 things I’m going to be doing for my husband in this his birth month.

Month of June, 20th June to be precise, is always a special month to everybody under my roof, it is the day the good Lord blessed the human race, with the most wonderful, caring, loving , hardworking and everything you can think of in a man. That date, 20th June, is a date I hold dear and I will always hold dear.

Everybody loves being celebrated; our men won’t be left out.  That Husbands pay for wives, children and even their own birthday cakes, does not mean women will not go out of their way sometimes to celebrate them.

 So I have been asking myself what I will do for my sugar boy on his birthday and nothing came to my mind.  I thought of baking him a birthday cake, cooking his special and favorite meal, inviting few of friends over for a drink at home, taking him out, all these did not quite appeal to me and will maybe be a repetition of previous years.

I decided to make this month all about him, make him feel special and very much loved; after all it was all about him in the month of June year his mother gave birth to him.

While in the kitchen making one of his favorite meals, a thought flashed into my mind and I said "that’s it", so I decided to share this to do list of mine, for my husband on his special day here.

In this month of his birth I’m going to;

  1.  Cook his favorite meal at least once in three days; it is a serious offense for a wife not to know her husband’s favorite meal, not just knowing, but also know how to cook it very well. In this month of my husband’s birth, I’m going to give him a treat of his favorite meal at least once every three days to make him feel special.

  2.  Not say no to him or argue with him over anything; it is not easy to stay with a man for a full month, and not look for his trouble in one way or the other, if not for anything to register your presence and importance in the home again, but this month of my husband’s birth, I have decided not to look for his trouble. In fact I will give him maximum respect this month and beyond.                      

  3. Say I LOVE YOU to him every morning; OK, saying I love you comes occasionally, maybe when he buys a gift, does something special or something, or maybe after a good session of love making, but this month of his birth, I’m going to say I LOVE YOU SWEET, every morning and night, God being my helper, I also hope to continue in that manner after the birthday and forever.

  4. Give him a call during work hours; anytime hubby receives my call during work hours, it is either I want to tell him what to buy for us, tell him something to help me do, or complain to him about one thing or the other. But in this month of his birth, June, I will give him a call everyday just to check up on him and find out how his day is going. A call just to say ‘sweet how are you? How is your day going/ I felt I should just say hi’. Wont that kind of call from someone you love, make your day?  

  5.   Do everything he likes; every woman knows what her husband likes and his dislikes, this month, one way I have chosen to make my husband feel special is to do everything he likes and not go near his dislikes which I do occasionally just to look for his trouble. From giving him a good massage, giving pedicure and manicure etc.

  6. Make love to him very well as at when due; some days, for some reasons, you just have sex and not make love. May be you don’t know, there is a big difference between love making and having sex, that is a topic for another day. This month of my husband’s birth, I’m not just going to have sex with him; I’m going to make love to him very well as in make love to him.

Men also want to feel special and loved, in this month of my husband’s birth; I’m going to make him feel loved and special.


  Do you think my to do list for my husband to celebrate his birthday are impossible and unrealistic? Let me hear what you think in the comment box.


What else do you think I should do for him to celebrate his birthday? Give me your tips in the comment box. Thanks.


Please don’t forget to drop your birthday wishes for my sugar boy.

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  If I succeed in doing all these things what other birthday celebration does he need?








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