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Things I wish I did when I was in the university; Back then in the university, there are some things I did not do that I wish I did, I think I missed out not doing them. If I should turn back the hands of the time, I would definitely do them very well.

Sometimes I wish I am still in the university or to go back to the university. I was in university 2004-2008, when phone was scarce and recharge card was not cheap, internet was not cheap, then we go for all night browsing,  if you buy a recharge and don't use it over a period of time, it expires.

I think I had my first phone (Motorola phone) in my second year, unlike now, children have their own personal phones, androids, iPhones, tablets etc,  even before writing senior secondary certificate exam (SSCE). 

Going to the university is not just to go get a degree and come out, it involves a whole lot.

But there are few reasons why I wish to go back to the university as a single young girl, and finish some unfinished business.

1. Served God more; I served God very well with my time in the university, but I wish to go back and do more for God, serve him more. With kids and family, you may not have enough time to go to church on daily basis; sometimes Sunday church service may not be frequent. I can count how many times I’ve been to all night vigil since my 8 years of marriage. But then in the university I had my night time all to myself to do what I wish with my night time. Unlike now, my night time is being shared with me, husband and kids. If you are in the church for mid week service, you will be thinking of what the kids will take to school the next day, how to rush their homework with them and still get them to sleep on time. But then if I like I would go to where I want to, after the mid week service.

2. Graduated with a first class; By the time I realized myself in the university I was already in my 3rd year, if I had put in the effort I had put in my 3rd and final year in my 1st and 2nd years, I would have made a first class. I really need to go back to the university. My first and second years I was not able to differentiate if I was in school or still at home, because every week end I must travel home.

3. Studied a different course; I don’t know what course I would have studied but obviously it wouldn’t have been chemistry, maybe nursing, or something. Maybe a social science course that does not involve abstract thinking, or a course that will teach me how to blog well and successfully.

4. Lived in school hostel; I think I missed so much by staying off camp in school, I think the fun of being an undergraduate is in the school hostel. From what I learned and heard from few of my friends that stayed in the school hostel, I think I missed a lot. If I should go back to the university I will definitely live in the school hostel.

5. Married my husband in my first year; I married him after my final year exams before my service year, but then I wish I had married him early enough, maybe in my first year. His brain would have been of immense help to me, even though I knew him in my third year, I wish I had married him in my first year.

6. Traveled around in the whole country; I can count how many states in this country I’ve been to since I was born, let’s leave outside Nigerian out of it. Now if I want to travel, I will consider who would stay with my children, what & what to cook buy & keep for them before leaving, think if I should travel with them all or just take my last born along.  Sometimes  if I manage to travel, I hardly stay more than a week, and my first baby (my husband), will be the first to ask; “baby when are you coming back? I want to go back to the university and travel to at least 15 states before graduating. 

Even if I should go back to school I may not be able to do all of these things now, I only wish to turn back the hands of time so I could do them when I was younger.

If you are still in school, you may want to try few of these things, so you wont want to turn  back the hands of time later.

Are there things you wish you had done in the university before graduating? Or are there things you did, you wish you hadn’t done. Let’s hear them in the comment box.

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