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  My beauties,  it is another day of blogging, I'm here again with my talk and gist, lets say I just love writing, blogging or maybe I love talking any which way.  Anyways, sure we are all good and keeping it real for the family..

  I think I'm even angry today, so I decided to blog my anger.

  I have noticed it is such a hard work being a woman in this part of the world, anything that goes wrong in the family is a woman's fault, it is either she was not careful, sexy, a good cook, bla bla bla bla, well even with all these, If there is anything like next world,      I WILL BRIBE GOD TO MAKE ME A WOMAN STILL. 

I love being a woman. If you do this one, its wrong, if you do the other one it is wrong also.

 Because I am a woman, I am taken from a mans rib, I have no life choices, I have to live for the man, live under and with his choices. NO PROBLEM I AGREE.

  Because I am a woman, I have to endure and tolerate everything just to make a man happy, NO PROBLEM I AGREE.

  Because I am a woman;

  Just for the fact that I'm called woman; 

  • Domestic violence/ abuse; when a woman gets into an argument with a man, and the man hits her; it is her fault, she provoked the man, if she hits the man, she does not have home training and not a good woman, she has no respect for a man, she has guts etc.  She is a woman, she is not supposed to do anything but to allow the man hit her and she would in turn go back to the man apologizing for either provoking him and making him hit her or for hitting the man. A woman in lugbe Abuja, recently lost her life to domestic violence.

  • Infidelity; This one is a serious issue. when a man cheats on his woman, it is the woman's fault, she has to tolerate a cheating man because she is a woman. She is advised to cook better, learn more bedmatics, dress sexy, loose weight, be more romantic, and above all pray harder. And then comes the talk I hate with passion "men are polygamous in nature, all men cheat, men are promiscuous". IF I HEAR. MTCHEWW. When a woman cheats, she is called irresponsible, a lose woman, she has committed an abomination, an atrocity, and should be sent away from her husbands house. Even when the man does not care about her sexual and emotional well being. Some men are just sperm donors. I WONDER WHY IT IS OKAY FOR A MAN TO CHEAT AND THEN AN ABOMINATION WHEN WOMAN CHEATS. The first time I asked this question, one man told me that men are generous givers while woman are receivers. 

  • Rich and affluence; when a young girl is rich or lives in affluence, she is called a 'runs girl', "a generous leg opener" who has slept with different men to get opportunities and money. And that nobody will marry her because she is rich, even when she can afford a good car, she is advised to be hopping from one keke napep to another, because no man will marry a young girl with a car, that talk is bullshit. But when a man is rich even at 25, he is called hard working, responsible, successful, career focused, a real man etc and every girl would want to be his wife. Because I am a woman, I am not supposed to live a quite life, live in affluence, be financially buoyant, professionally successful or have a life of my own without a man.Some men even get jealous when their wives starts making money more than them, nawaoo. Being rich and affluent is one of the things a lady should have before marriage.

  • Death; When a man loses his wife and remarries after one year, he is congratulated for moving on, for getting over the death of his wife, for bringing in another woman to help raise the kids, he is called the real man, how he needs a woman by his side, after all beside a successful man, there must be a woman. But when a woman loses her husband and remarries after four years, she is termed a useless woman, an irresponsible woman. she is supposed to stay with her  kids and raise them well, what does she need a man for, who knows if she has been sleeping with that man before her husbands death.

  • Homely; when a man finds it hard and difficult to cook, wash, sweep or do some home chores, he will be advised to get a woman to be doing the chores for her, how he is a man and is not supposed to be doing home chores. But when a woman does not know how to do home chores, she is termed useless, without home training, slay queen without manners, who will marry her etc. Because I am a woman, I should be a workaholic, who knows how and when to do all home chores. Homely or not I got hubby involved with his kids.

  A woman is unique in every way, she is  very strong  in all ramifications, no matter how much she is being bent, she does not break. 

  There are some of my husbands actions that I actually do not like but I handled them without stress and nagging.

  Dear men, appreciate every woman in your life, cut them some slack, they are doing and handling a lot.

  Dear woman, love and encourage yourself everyday, do not expect that from anyone, expectation really hurts.


  My personal thoughts and opinions are what you see on my blog, if you think or feel otherwise drop your views in the comment box, I may change my  opinion.

 Any form of correction or criticism is welcomed.



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