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   Bedtime story of a third trimester pregnant woman.

The third trimester of pregnancy was actually a difficult period for me, I don’t know about anyone else. I always feel so very heavy and always looking for trouble. I got so tired of being pregnant.
The night time was that  difficult,  so much so that sometimes I wish darkness would not come. After sleeping all day, how do I expect to sleep at 9:pm. 
I enjoy being pregnant so much, but that night period during third trimester, I don’t really enjoy.

Here is my story, I’m sure every woman will relate to this my story.

Bed time; 11:30pm, after eating and sleeping all through the day, falling asleep at night won’t be that easy (sleeping and eating happens to be my pregnant when pregnant). I had to watch television till 11:00 and maybe finally fall asleep at 11:30pm. Sometimes I will be gisting with hubby, and I will be wondering if my gist that night was a lullaby.

11:45; Feeling uncomfortable and steals his pillow. He slept off while my gist was still going on; he has to wake up ooo, I’m not feeling sleepy yet. Maybe intentionally looking for trouble or maybe I really needed it to be more comfortable, with the excuse that I want to place my legs on it. What will I need more pillows for when I already have two? Mtcheew, pregnancy tantrums.

12:00; finally feels comfortable and then sleeps off.

2:15; Wakes up and starts rolling all over the bed. Sleep seems to be far from my eyes again.

2:20;  Continues rolling till I sleep off again.

3:45am; Thirsty and goes for a cup of water. Feels very heavy, starts sweating heavily and then finds it difficult to fall asleep again.

3:55; Back to bed and sleeps off again.

4;15; Pressed, and wakes up to pee. After peeing, drinks water again. I do everything possible to wake hubby, turn on the light and turn it off again, go into the toilet and hit the door, and complain of one thing or the other, I can look for trouble sha. After-all, the day I told him that “I am pregnant” he said “no baby we are pregnant”, so I think he should be awake with me. Yes of course, two of us did the deed that resulted in the pregnancy.

4:20; Sleeps off again after rolling on the bed for like 10mins.

4:45; wakes up to pee again. This time I would want hubby to leave his usual side of the bed for me, claiming that I would be more comfortable that side, him , not always ready for a pregnant woman’s trouble would quietly allow me sleep where I want.
Gosh; who said frequent urination is a sign of early pregnancy? I think it’s a sign that your baby will be coming out soon.

4:50; Back to sleep again and this time, I’m determined not to wake up again till day break.

4:55; Still awake and then feels like crying, sometimes cries!

5:00; Sleeps off again. After feeling like I have been awake all night.

6:00; the alarm beeps, gosh I hate night time as a pregnant woman. I cannot sleep for good one hour without waking up in-between. Well I will make it up during the day. And to think that my husband slept peacefully all through the night, without noticing that I was awake, most part of the night, there is always another night. 

Some nights after doing something, you know what now, "bedroom exercise", which happens to be my all time sleeping tablet, sleep will come and I will sleep off, only to wake up after awhile and then remain awake till the early hours of the morning. WELL, IT IS WELL.

If my bedtime story as a pregnant woman is similar to yours say HI and share.

I still don’t care if I sleep very well at night or not, or if I enjoy my third trimester pregnancy, I would still love to have six children if………I‘M COMING.

How was your bed time story during pregnancy? You slept well all through or had the same experience like me? Share your night time pregnancy experience in the comment.


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