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These days I noticed it is  not only academics/education one needs to be successful and or maybe rich; though education is paramount and very important in life, but have you considered what will happen if education/academics meets talent. 

  A lot of people today are rich and successful in a particular field not because of how educated or learned they are but because of how much and how well they developed their talent.
 An example is in the sports world; Serena & Venus Williams, have won several trophies in lawn tennis. This is because their parents identified their talents early and supported them to develop their talents till they became professionals.
Also in the music industry we have artiste who sell millions of album because of their talent both vocal and playing of instrument.

 Most parents discourage their children from developing their talents because they want to be addressed as mummy/daddy doctor, engineer, lawyer, etc these professions are all good but what if your child does not have passion for them or maybe have another interest.

Sometimes, parents discourage children from following their passion, simply because it is not a popular profession or it is not what they, the parents, want.
Help your child to succeed; you may be wondering how to identify a talent in your child, here it comes;
How to spot a talent in your child;
1. What kind of play does your child like? Have you taken your time to watch your child play?  Does he/she like group play or solo play? Does he/she run, jump, sing, and act a drama, loves outside games or indoor ones? What kind of toy would your child love? Would your child rather watch television than play with friends and siblings? Would your child read or write unending on daily basis?
2. Let your child make his/her choice; you have registered your child in a football academy because you feel it is cool or maybe friends and families are enrolling their kids. Have you asked your child what his /her interests are? What would make him/her happier and more engaged and fulfilled?
Let your child choose what he/she wants; don’t force your child to accept what you want. Even if you register the child in a football academy let him know that if he does not like it, he can choose another game/ activity.
3. Consent to your child’s interest; don’t make your child feel he/she is wasting time by engaging in a particular game/activity. Encourage your child in his chosen line of interest, be it video game, he may learn problem solving skills, just by playing video games. Don’t criticize, encourage your child by saying “I noticed you love singing”, “beautiful”, and “you have a very good voice”. Our child would love you more and do his/her beast to make you proud in that particular profession or activity.
4. Encourage your child the more; Even if it needs your money, time and attention, encourage your child by giving it all.
5. It’s not about you; Your child’s choices has nothing to do with you, your child’s choice does not reflect who you are, or what you believe in, it is not about you at all, it is not about your interest, likes and dislikes. It is about your child & who he/she is or wants to be.

Now that you have identified your child’s talent, how do you expose your child to his/her talent? Identifying your child’s talent is one thing; exposing your child to that talent is another thing.
     Let your child understand that he/she can do that thing very well; maybe singing, playing football, drawing, sporting activities, playing musical instruments etc. Even if the child fails at the first, second, third attempt, encourage your child to try again.
            Get your child involved more in the identified talent; give your child opportunities to express himself/herself. Give your child assignment on the identified talent. If you identified your child’s love for singing, always avail that child an opportunity to sing for you or anywhere he/she wants to sing. Maybe in the church. If your child loves writing, always make pen and paper available, give your child a topic to write about. If your child loves playing football.
      Enroll your child in a training school of the identified talent; football academy, music classes, karate lessons, name them are  there for those that wants to learn more or that wants to develop their talent. Avail your child the opportunity of being part of these talent classes.
      Be interested too; you are your child’s number one fan, if you are not interested in what your child loves, he/ she may lose interest. Giving out your time, money and encouragement shows your interest.
      Let your child know the people who made it and succeeded in that profession/talent; seeing and knowing those that succeeded in that same talent as your child will encourage the child to put in more effort and also succeed.Let your child that those who follow that profession/talent are successful people.

Having identified and exposed your child to his/her talent, what do you stand to benefit?

The benefits of exposing your child to a particular are numerous;

  •  Success; who would not be successful in doing what he/she loves? The Venus and Serena Williams story of success is enough evidence. Nobody would have heard their names if their parents had discouraged them from following their passion/talent.
  • Rich; all these music artistes, sport men and women, actors and actresses, are all  living a comfortable life, maybe for few of them, that are struggling with the profession, maybe they got it into by luck, and are not talented in that profession.      
  • Perfectionism; of what use will it be in doing what you rarely know how to do? Your child will be perfect in that talent because it is inborn, and they were exposed to the talents early in life. And they will have fewer struggles with becoming perfect in it.It is said that an old woman does not grow old in a dance she knows how to dance very well. Even at old age, your child will still be perfect in his/her talent.
  • Fulfilled and satisfied; you would have succeeded in giving your child a fulfilled and satisfied life, they will remain grateful to you for supporting them.You too will be fulfilled and satisfied seeing your child succeed in life.
  • And finally you will be a proud parent; I wonder how proud, Venus and Serena Williams parents will be for having those kids and the number of trophies they have won.
To me, it does not really matter what one finds passion and interest in, that made the person, rich, successful, fulfilled, satisfied and proud, provided it is not a crime and not against the law.


Are there other ways you think one can identify a talent in a child? Please educate me more in the comment box.

Do you think talent does not matter in our world of today? Feel free to share your views in the comment box.



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