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Women pass through a whole lot all because they want to give their husbands a male child or the preferred baby sex.
Thank God, knowledge and science has increased and has made things and life a whole lot easier. Couples can now select the baby sex of their choice at conception without waiting for the day of delivery to be disappointed at the end.   GOD STILL GIVES CHILDREN.
                                                                                                                                     Women have nothing to do with the sex of the child in her womb, her job is just to take care of the child in the womb for nine months, and to bring forth whatever her husband put in her. The sex of the child is solely determined by the man.
The all knowing, wise God knows what women would have been passing through if they are the ones that determines the sex of the child. He made it to be solely determined by the man, and for the man to be blamed if anything goes wrong.

This fact notwithstanding, women are still very anxious and concerned about giving their husbands their desired baby sex, women are still under pressure by husbands, families, in laws and the society, to give their husbands the desired baby sex. And men still blame their wives when they don’t give them their desired baby sex.
Like I said, God has given men, doctors scientist knowledge to help women solve this problem and give their husbands their desired baby sex.

Having both sex (male and female) with good spacing helps in family planning and also affects the number of children couples end up having.
Some methods have been tried, tested and trusted by many women including me, in having our desired baby sex. You also can try it.

In this part of the world, the male child is always the preferred and desired baby sex, you see some women in their first pregnancy, their whole prayer is for the baby to be a male child. Every man would want a male child to carry on with his name, business and properties.

Try these tips and then pray to god to grant you your heart desire.

      Ovulation/ fertility date.  After menstruation, which normally lasts for 3, 4, 5, days, comes the free period, at this time a woman is free to have sex without protection and pregnancy MAY NOT occur, this period also last for few days, then ovulation, at this period, pregnancy may occur. 
      Ovulation is when the egg is being released from its follicle waiting to be fertilized by a sperm. If it is fertilized it will be swept up into the Fallopian tube from where it moves into the womb/uterus. If not fertilized, it dies and comes out as what we see as period.
      A man has two different sex chromosomes, X and Y chromosome, otherwise called   hetero-gametic chromosomes, while a woman has two of the same kind chromsomes, X and X chromosome, also called homo-gametic chromosomes.  
      During ovulation period, a woman is  highly fertile, and the first chromosome to meet a woman's  fertile egg gets fertilized at the Fallopian tube, from where it moves to the uterus and implants which gives rise to pregnancy. The X -chromosome which gives a female child travels faster than the Y-chromosome which gives a male child. If the X chromosomes of the man fertilizes that of the woman first a female child results. If the   Y chromosome fertilizes the X chromosome of the woman, a male child results.
      When is your peak ovulation date? This is the  day of high fertility in a woman's menstrual cycle. This ovulation date differs from women to women depending on the length of days of the menstrual cycle. The first day the period appears is counted as day one of the menstrual cycle, Some women make the mistake of counting the last day of the period as day one which is very wrong.

            Signs of ovulation;  

  High body temperature; 70% of women, me inclusive, experience high body temperature when ovulating. I also tend to feel feverish when I’m ovulation sometimes I mistake my ovulation as being sick.

  Slippery mucus around the vagina; which you can see, sometimes when you remove your panties. This is also common to so many women.

  You get very horny when ovulating; that is you feel more like having sex. That is when it seems my body will talk, If you feel so, don’t even dare, if you are not in any form of contraceptive as you will get pregnant sharply.
There are drugs also that enhance and increase the hormones responsible for ovulation.

  ovulation monitor /tracker; this monitor/ tracker is sold at pharmacy/medical shops to help women know when they are really ovulating. 

  Mobile app; there is an app for mobile phones that also helps women count their menstrual cycle, to know their free period and ovulation period.

  It is advisable to have sex close to the  peak ovulation day as much as possible precisely on the 14th, 15th and 19th day of your cycle if you want a baby boy. You have to know your average length of days of your cycle to be able to know your ovulation days. The counting starts form the first day of the period, if the cycle is 28 days the peak ovulation is likely to be around 14th of the cycle, if the cycle is 30 days, the peak ovulation is likely to be around 15-16days of the cycle. The average cycle length is calculated for a period of three months. Ie. if the first month is 28 and the second month is 27,and the third is 26, add up the numbers and divide by three.          

  Sperm count can also affect having a baby boy, the husband can/may stop alcohol intake at least 2 weeks before the date and also (may) not to have sex within that 2 weeks to help increase sperm count. You may also wish to give your man plenty of fruits especially, banana, avocado pear, watermelon or any fruit rich in Potassium,at least once a day, these potassium rich fruits works wonders in enriching the male sperm.
  A mans sperm carries one chromosome, either and X or a Y, during sexual intercourse or any form of fertilization, the chromosome that meets the woman's one X chromosome determines the sex of the baby. A mans sperm in other words holds the key to a child's gender.

  I have a girl and 2 boys all planned and selected using my ovulation date method. My first child which is a girl, I didn't plan the pregnancy, (that is if I even knew when I took in then,) but my last two which are boys, were well planned and God blessed my planing and granted me my heart desire. My sisters and friends who have also used this method have their testimonies to share.

  Also, my mother in-law said she always lie by her left side after sex anytime she wants to conceive, she does that because she wanted male children first and that was how she had her 3 boys and no girl at all. I tried it for my last child. Maybe it’s true maybe it is just an old wives tale but you can still try it, who knows if it will work.

 For personal consultation on your ovulation date and when to have sex to have a baby boy send us an e-mail at faith.iloka@gmail.com.

  GOD STILL GIVES CHILDREN. Try your best and leave the rest to God.

  This article  is not in anyway substitute to medical advise it is only a personal 

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STAY HAPPY ALWAYS....................

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