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The moment the pregnancy test comes out positive, we get so excited and start buying everything we can think of,for our unborn child we are expecting. This is a mistake we all made, I almost bought the whole market for my first child, I forgot that she won’t be a new born baby forever, that she grow and will be needing new things while growing. Nobody will blame a mom for wanting to buy the whole market for her child; the excitement of a new life coming into the family is unspeakable. A mother can do anything for her child. But then some things we buy for our new born babies are quite unnecessary and the baby may not need them for the first 6-12 months of their lives.

Sometimes we throw away the hospital list, which contains what the new baby will need at that newborn stage, and buy what we want, overshooting our budget.

So many mothers will be waiting to know the sex of the child they are going to have before they start baby shopping, without even considering the fact that there are many things every child will need apart from blue/ pink clothes, shoes, beddings etc. things like soap, baby lotion, diapers, etc.

  •  Shoe; what does a new born baby need shoes for? Where does he/she go to, does he/she even walk? I bought almost different types and colors of shoes for my daughter, almost all of them were not used till she outgrew them. Within the space of 6 months, she has outgrown the shoes. You won't go buying a shoe size for one year old for your newborn baby?                             Being a girl, my last two didn’t use them, so I gave them out. The time your baby will have need for a shoe is maybe from six months, when the leg will even have fitting in the shoe, if you ask me, a child that has not started walking has no need for a shoe.                           Nonetheless, baby’s shoes can be very fine, that you wouldn’t want your baby not to have fine shoes, even if he/she does not wear them. For the fineness of baby shoes, I will buy shoes for my new born when I'm done buying what my new baby needs at that stage.
  •  Expensive foreign diaper; I remember when I had my first child; I bought the most expensive foreign diaper for her and in very good quantity too. Before she could get to two months the diapers got finished and I had to buy a cheaper one though still foreign. But then we use the diaper and thrash it after few hours, it is not reusable, it is not even  something you can wash/clean and make use of it another time,  you only wrap pooh and pee in it, and then thrash it, so why waste so much money on it. Not like anyone says, “Open your baby’s butt let me see the type of diaper you are using for your baby. I wish I could get back all the money I wasted buying foreign expensive diapers. Next time (if there will be any) I will save that money and use it in buying baby’s milk. Whether foreign or not, expensive or not, provided the diaper is conducive for your baby’s butt, it does not matter the prize. To me, it is use and throw away, not even something edible. Have you noticed that some foreign diapers are quite heavy when baby pees just once? If I had known I would have gone for cheaper diapers..
  • Baby Wipes warmer; I had a friend that time, who said to me, Faith, why are you not using wipe warmer for your baby? I was like, please my dear what is that? Because I don’t know what it is, as I didn’t have my baby abroad. She said it is meant to keep the usually cold baby wipes warm, so that the baby won’t feel the coldness of the wipes.The day I saw it and decided to know how much it costs, I don’t need to tell you the prize.  It is not even commonly seen in shops. I never knew baby wipes to be that cold, that I will need a wipe warmer to keep it warm. IS BABY WIPES THAT COLD?  
  • Too much of everything; from cloths, socks, washcloths and all, you don’t need too much of everything. Your baby will soon outgrow those cloths and socks and will need new sets. Buy what your baby needs at a particular time. Trust me, you have a lot of buying’s to do with a new baby at home.  
  • Feeding bottle; you want to do exclusive breastfeeding for six months for your baby, so what do you need a feeding bottle for, till when your baby is six months old? Even after six months you ma not even use the bottle. The last time I bought feeding bottle was for my first child, the last two didn't use it, because after exclusive breastfeeding for six months, we spoon feed not bottle feed.  The plate is easier to wash and keep clean. 
  • Baby cot; yes baby cot is what we all buy for our newborn, but do they really use it? The baby cot sometimes ends up turning into the baby’s new wardrobe., where we pack babys cloths. I let my baby lie by my side on my side for easy breastfeeding and cuddling at midnight. So when does the baby actually use the baby cot? To me I prefer the smaller baby room with mosquito net, because it can be on my bed and my baby will be using it on the bed, rather than the big baby bed/cot. DO BABIES EVEN SLEEP IN THE THEIR COT?
The excitement of having a new baby, especially if it is the first child, will make you go bankrupt, you can use some discretion to know what and what you will need at a particular stage of your baby’s life.

We all made this mistake, if you know you didn’t make this mistake say HI.

Are there more things you bought as a new mom that you felt it was not necessary, or you never or hardly used? Please share them in the comment box and let another mom learn from your experience. Help a mom save some naira.

You think all these things I mentioned are all necessary and very important for every stage of a baby’s life? Please feel free to drop your opinions in the comment box.



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