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Every woman you know does at least 4 out of these 8 points, ask her very well.

I just love being a woman; thank God I am a woman. I will give anything to be a woman in my next world, if there is anything like next world.

Women can form, or will I say pretend no matter how much, we woman want to lie or argue about it, women can pretend.

Personally there are things I just love doing but will not admit to them when hubby is around. Sometimes I may admit doing them in the midst of my friends.

Marriage is beautiful, you just have that one person who you carry face for, who you form for, who you pretend for, who you want to do shakara for, God  indeed knew that Adam would have been so lonely and his life very boring without Eve. So he gave him Eve to spice up his life.

·     Pretending not to want sex; hey, can you imagine, does he want me to say ok, yes, no problem, anytime he touches me. For what now? Sometimes you form small for him, at least he will say please, or till I hear some sweet names. I will pretend small even if I want it more than him. If you know you do not pretend not to want sex, say HI. 

·    Always broke; have you ever seen a woman that agreed to having money? Even if salary is paid today, call her tomorrow and ask for money, she will tell you she is very broke. Just let them pour your oil, and they will just make transfer to you, sharp sharp, but initially their account was red. You need to read about these women in the 7 classes of women you meet in abuja. What do women do with their money sef? 
·   Forming strong woman; this use to be me, but not anymore. I wan die? No matter how sick a woman is, she will still be forming very strong and healthy, she will still be up and doing, doing her normal chores, going to work, even bedroom activities. I stopped when I realized no one is giving me an award for forming strong woman even when very sick. Now just small headache, ordinary menstrual cramps sef, hmmmm, I won’t stand up from my bed for the whole day. Abeg, who strong woman epp?
              .   Growing long ears when her husband is on the phone; if you are a woman and you say you do not do this, you need deliverance. Even if my husband is answering a call in the toilet, my ear must grow long to that toilet, to get the details of that call. I know when any of his friends or family member calls, either from the conversation or the tone of his voice. If the call has to do with me, I will prepare my response even before he tells me the details of the call. In fact even I’m sleeping, and his phone rings, I will wake up. If you like call it amebo, you are on your own,

·     Don’t want to say sorry; I don’t know men and women who find it more difficult to say sorry. Well, me sometimes I do say sorry, maybe I needed to tell hubby something badly, or I needed to ask for money. Aside these conditions, I may want to say sorry, but still be forming strong head to say the sorry, well the sorry will still come out somehow sha, story for another day. 

·    Don’t like/love money; who on this planet that does not like money? Money they say answereth all things. You will hear a woman say, “I don’t want his money, I only want his love”. For crying out loud, what will I do with his love without his money? Like now that my phone is bad and I need a new one, is it money or love that will buy me a new phone?  

·     I don’t like sex; so many women always shy away from talking or discussing about sex, I don’t know why. Some will even say they don’t like sex, but they are the ones that will still complain of being sex starved. Lack of good sex causes friction in the home. Just tell a woman; “madam, enough bedroom exercise for you this night” you will hear, “me, hmmm, I will just take my bath and sleep. Just enter her mind and see the excitement on her mind. If only the eyes can see the heart. Sex is not dirty, sex is sweet. Because she is called woman , she should not like sex?

·   Seducing the husband; you don’t want to do anything and yet you are walking round the room naked, wearing only pant and bra when hubby is lying down, hmmm. Women indirectly seduce their husbands, or will I say beg for some action. But come to think of it, who will arrest me for seducing my husband? In fact, I should be arrested for not seducing him. If you know, you don't indirectly seduce your husband, you are a learner. IF I DON'T SEDUCE HIM, WHO WILL?

If you are a woman and you do not do at least 3 out of these things, you need major deliverance on your womanhood.

If you are a woman and you are proud to be one, please share to encourage women.

Do not forget to drop your views on the post, maybe I forgot to write down some points, use the comment box to drop the point. I know I have not written them all, if you have part two of this topic, please drop it in the comment box.

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