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 Cesarean section (CS) versus vaginal birth.

Pregnancy can be fun and is a wonderful blessing from God to mankind, but sometimes it may not come when we want it and sometimes it may come with some “unwanted complications”. Pregnancy can be sweet but as the expected date of delivery (EDD) approaches, for me , it kind of comes with some mixed feelings, do I really want to go through the long hours of labor pain, just to have a baby, why I don’t I remain pregnant, (as if that happens I won’t start praying and fasting). At the same time, I will be happy I will be having a new baby, the omugwo and all. If only there is an easy way to deliver a baby without having to through the long hours of labor pain.

But the labor pain notwithstanding, I still prefer labor pain to being pregnant. While pregnancy is a full 9 months thing, including the body pains, sleepless nights, and nausea involved, labor pain is just for couple of hours, tops say 24 hours. And at the end of it all you go home with a new baby and joy.

But then does it really matter how a baby comes into this world? Having a baby through cesarean section (CS), does it make a woman less woman? Is it a sin? Is the devils handwork? Does it make the baby abnormal or less a child? For crying out loud, delivery is delivery. A baby is a baby. Even if the child was vomited “all join”.

Would you rather die or have your baby dead because you were insisting on having your baby through vaginal delivery?

The inspiration to write this article came from a story I heard recently, about a woman who lost her life and her unborn child during delivery because she and her husband said no CS. Wouldn’t it had been sweet and better if she had her child through CS and both she and the baby will be alive? God already in his wisdom gave doctors the knowledge to carry out CS in some situations that vaginal delivery won't or can't be possible.

I am not saying that going in for a full blown surgery is an easy thing, but if it is the only way out, why not?

 I think I would love to go through CS, maybe to know how it feels and not judge CS by what I heard about it.
Reasons why I would love to have a feel of CS instead of vaginal birth;
      In vaginal birth you have to wait till your expected date of delivery (EDD), or till labor comes before having your baby, unlike in CS, you can go and lie down and ask the doctor to bring out your baby for you, when you think you are done carrying the pregnancy, provided it is up to  36 weeks at least. Sometimes I get  tired of being pregnant but I just wait to wait for labor to come. You know how difficult last weeks of pregnancy can be.
            Vaginal birth is accompanied with long hours of serious excruciating pain; In fact I think those that deliver through CS should also experience this pain, they will testify. The pain I felt when I was having my last child made hit everybody around me then, including the  nurse that was patting my back……. Unlike in CS, your child will be in your arms already before you feel any pain, (if at all you feel pain, yes, there is anesthesia). Holding your baby in your hands while feeling the pain, I think it is better than feeling the pain before carrying your baby. Or what do you think mamas?
         Don’t tell me about the suturing of  the operation site, it is the same thing as suturing an episiotomy or a “tear” in vaginal birth.
               In vaginal delivery you have no time to rest after delivery; after the delivery of my second child, I had to leave the hospital the next day, that day I washed, cooked, cleaned and looked after my first child, as my mom did not come immediately, and when your husband does not know how to boil yam.........but in CS, you have one full week or more to yourself, staying in the hospital, you get to do nothing, only eat, breastfeed baby and sleep. That way you will have enough rest before going home. I think I want that, eat and sleep delivery.

Cesarean section (CS), is very painful, so I heard, but I think I would love to experience it myself, I think experience will be better that stories.

Apart from being more expensive than vaginal birth, I think both CS and vaginal birth have the same degree of pain and almost have everything in common,  including the baby and mother coming out alive and well.

Going for vaginal birth or CS, you must have to take these 3 important decisions, before delivery.

I don’t know if there is anyone that would love to have the CS experience as well? Say HI.

I personally do not think cesarean section, CS, should not be affiliated to the devil.

Do you think vaginal birth is better than CS or CS better than vaginal birth? Share your thoughts in the comment box.

Vaginal birth is called normal delivery, what makes CS abnormal?  

Vaginal birth or CS, the pregnancy story is the same.

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