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DO THESE IF YOU WANT TO KILL YOUR MARRIAGE...........................

Do these and kill your marriage faster with ease;

This thing called marriage; sometimes you wonder what it is all about. Well, marriage is very sweet, at least you have that one person you put all your anger on, that one person you quarrel with.

Marriage is like a young plant or flower, if you take care of your marriage, it will flourish and blossom. If you ignore your marriage, it dies off with ease. Marriage is to watered and nurtured with so many things, like love, trust, sex and money etc. Even before getting into marriage, there are some marriage facts everyone needs to know.

Marriage can also be killed by some things we do maybe ignorantly.

1    .  Laziness/dirtiness; a lazy man? Who wants to be his wife? A dirty woman? Who wants to be her husband? When a woman finds it difficult to take care of herself or to even shave off  hair from the necessary places, she is on to the mission of chasing away her husband and killing her marriage with body odor. When a man is too lazy to get up and work hard to take care of his family, but depends on his wife or even his parents to feed his family, he is working towards destroying his marriage. Some men too find it difficult to be clean and neat.

2    .   Suspicion/lack of trust; this also kills marriage easily. Which marriage will or can survive suspicion/lack of trust? Especially in this world of social media, smart phones with password. Suspicion and lack of trust has grown in marriages. Always thinking your partner is chatting with the opposite sex online, sleeping with another woman/man. Why don’t you give your partner a benefit of doubt and trust your partner. Stop suspecting your partner and give your marriage a life. Make your partner know, understand and believe that you are trustworthy.

3    .   Un-forgiveness /bitterness;  some marriages have gone down the drain due to unforgiveness. What has your partner that is beyond being forgiven? In marriage, always anticipate offense,wrongs and quarrels, therefore always give out forgiveness even before the offense comes. Un-forgiveness gives rise to bitterness which births resentment. How can a marriage survive and thrive where there is resentment? Some men do not prosper because their wives has locked them up in unforgiveness, unforgiveness is a canker worm and should be avoided, no matter the cost.

4    .   Infidelity, both emotional and sexual; any form of infidelity kills/ destroys marriage. If there is anything you don’t like about your partner, that will ever make you think of cheating on your partner, why  don’t you talk it over with your partner instead of cheating and infidelity? Some women after trusting their husbands so much and finally the man cheats, the woman may never recover from the shock and the marriage dies. Do not give room for any form of infidelity in your marriage. Do not discuss what you should be discussing with your partner with the opposite sex, which gives rise to emotional infidelity.

5     .   Lying / keeping secrets; this gives room to suspicion and lack of trust. If you keep lying to your partner, you are loosing his or her trust.  Marriage cannot survive where there is no openness, transparency and nothing but the truth. It is said that, if you don’t lie to your partner, you don’t really care about your partners’ feelings, but I think that if you truly care about your partner, you won’t do or say anything that would give rise to lying to your partner. I would choose to hear the truth and cry than to hear the lie and laugh.

6      .   Lack of good sex; will there ever be any good marriage without a very good sex? If you don’t meet your partners’ sexual needs, you are planning to kill your marriage. Imagine after a quarrel and you give your partner a good make up sex, what that would do to your marriage. The smiles and happiness good sex brings in a marriage is just too much.

7     .  No/ poor romance; you feel you now have your partner all to yourself and so no more need for dating and romance? To keep your marriage fire burning, keep the romance fire burning. Continue dating your partner, hang out with your partner, buy gifts for your partner, and let the romance continue in marriage. Do not be a sperm donor husband.

8    .  Verbal abuse; abusing someone verbally ruins that persons ego. Imagine when that verbal abuse is coming from someone who is supposed to be loving, cherishing you and admiring you?  The marriage is on the way to failure and death. Words can kill, watch the words you say to your partner, once the word leaves your mouth, you can not get it back. Do not kill your marriage with your mouth, that same mouth you use to call your partner sweet names.

9     .   Ignoring your role in your marriage; a man has his role in a marriage as well as a woman. I was in women’s meeting in church one day, and the question “what is a woman’s role in a marriage” was asked. Different answers were coming from people, answers like, cooking, keeping the home, raising the kids, etc. but to me, the answer is very simple. A woman’s duty is to submit and respect her husband. A woman that submits to her husband will not find it difficult to do anything for him. A man is to love his wife and anything; every other thing will fall into place.A woman that respects her husband will easily win his love, a man that loves his wife unconditionally will easily command her respect.

Man love your wife and there will be no struggle fulfilling your obligations to her, woman submit to your husband and there will be no struggles fulfilling your obligations to him. It is the duty and responsibility of a man to provide for his family. Not forgetting your bedroom duties, it should be met too.

Simply put, obey the rules of marriage and achieve a happily ever after relationship.

Some couples are not officially divorced or separated but are living like strangers under the same roof, because of one or two of these points, especially unforgiveness.

 Do you think some points are not necessary or some points  were not mentioned? Feel free to drop your views or points of correction. 


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