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Having sex while breastfeeding?

A Vlogger mom has defended her decision to breastfeed her child while having sex.

Yes, mothers, breastfeeding mothers, can be very multitasking, but this type of being multitasking has received some backlash from her viewers. This particular multitasking has turned out to be controversial. She breastfed while making love. WOW. What an innovation. Some people said or described the act as “incestuous”.  I’m sure some women may want to try this, to see how it feels. How did she even do it? 

Personally I’m not sure I would enjoy that kind of love making because it will make me stay put in one place, which you know, cannot be………

But I may give it a try when I have my next baby.

But she has this to say in her defense of the action;
“The baby was sleeping while breastfeeding and was very much attached to me. We all like sex, she said, there is no secret about it. It is totally fine if the baby is sleeping. If the baby is ok, the baby is ok. They are not sitting and judging you, thinking mom and dad are making love, it is a 2-3 months old baby and so innocent”.

Will you give this a try? Breastfeed while having sex.

Have you done it before? Breastfeed while having sex.
What do you think about it? Breastfeeding while having sex.

While some moms may see this as normal or nothing wrong with it, some will see it as bad, creepy, irritating or disgusting.

Having sex while breastfeeding, is it not the same thing as having a sleeping baby in the room while having sex? Just that the baby is sleeping and not being breastfed.

Some parents have their babies’ cots in a different room while some sleep with their babies on the same bed and also have sex while the baby is sleeping on that same bed,

Well, what do you expect the woman to do? Maybe she had already started doing, when the baby woke up, the easiest thing to do, was to be breastfeeding the child and then continue with  what she was doing.

Like she said, the baby is sleeping and may not know what is going on; all what the baby knows at that time is the comfort she is getting from the mom, the baby does not know the mom is into another business as well.

This act is also a plus to women. Women are really multitasking indeed. To take care of two people at the same time, with the same body? That’s a great deed. Kudos to her mehn.

If someone should go by how these babies cry at night, one may go celibate throughout the nursing period.

If you want to wait for your baby to grow and maybe stop crying at night before resuming your bedroom activities…hmmm, I wonder what your fate will be.

What will you do? Let’s assume, you were already having some fun with hubby, and baby wakes up and starts crying, will you breastfeed your baby while enjoying yourself at the same time? Will you abandon your activity, carry your baby and nurse him/her back to sleep? Will you ignore your baby and continue with what you are doing?

I remember when I had my second child, one night I was enjoying my God given enjoyment, the boy started crying, I had to stop my enjoyment attend to him first then continue, but then the tempo has died down. You can imagine that, the woman may not want her tempo to die down.

What will you do if you were enjoying yourself and baby starts crying? It is a free world; the woman said we all like sex.  Drop your opinion in the comment box.


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