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Bed wetting (peeing on the bed) seems to be a major concern and complain for mothers, especially now that the weather is cold, no more sweating, and children tends to bed wet more. even an adult wakes up a lot of times to pee before daybreak, but a child that cannot wake up to pee in the toilet, simply does it on the bed (bed wets).

It is not so very easy getting your kids to stop bed wetting. I have seen kids at 9 years, even 10 years old still bed wetting and the mothers complain so much and are tired of complaining; they are tired of their children’s constant, every night bed wetting. Some mothers even think and believe it is spiritual for a 1o year old to still bed wet (everything these days is a spiritual problem).

Bed wetting makes their room all smelly and stuffy and if there is no mackintosh on the bed, skin infection can occur. Bed wetting send mattresses to their early grave.
I’m not sure any child wants to be bed wetting; they do it unknowingly while sleeping and probably dreaming of how they were peeing in the toilet, only to wake up and see themselves soiled with their urine. They are willing and ready to stop, if we their mothers are willing and ready to help them to stop. Bed wetting actually make kids feel inferior and sometimes withdrawn. I remember when my daughter still bed wets, any day she bed wets, that day will be a bad day for her and anyone around, and she tends to be very unhappy that day. So when I told her that she can actually stop bed wetting if she wants, she was willing to know and see how to stop bed wetting.

 Try some of these tips to help your child stop bed wetting.
  • Reduce, if possible stop their fluid (water, juice) intake as from 6-7pm;  I don’t wait for my kids to get to 3 years and still bed wets to start doing this. It was only my daughter (my first child) that was still bed wetting after 3 years, maybe because I was a new mom and a learner, and I didn’t know what to do to stop her from bed wetting, for my last two, I never had any case of bed wetting with them. Just as we are starting our potty training process we are learning to stop bed wetting at night while sleeping. In fact they still wear diaper during the day even at 2 years plus but none for the night, even if they wear, the diaper still comes out clean and dry in the morning.

As from 6pm, I monitor their fluid intake; in my house dinner is normally eaten at 7pm, and after then no one drinks water again. Even if they want water, which they must want, I don’t normally oblige them or give them as much as they want.

  • Make sure they empty their bladder before bedtime. For m; kids, their bedtime is 9pm after night prayer and at that time, before night prayer, in-between dinner and the night devotion, I allow them play too, so as to enable them sweat out some more water before bed time. I always make sure they pee before lying down. And if they don’t get to sleep immediately, I still make sure they pee again before finally sleeping off. As early as two years we have already started this and before 3 years we are done. Child discipline is not easy.
  • Make it a point of duty to wake them up to pee maybe twice before daybreak. I, personally don’t do this, I have no need for it. The few times I tried it, my kids won’t pee at that midnight and still won’t bed wet, so I stopped. But if your child is older maybe from 5 years and still bed wets, then you need to do this. If you don’t do this they must bed wet. This way he/she will learn to wake up to go and pee when pressed while sleeping. Now my kids ages 7, 5 and  almost 3 years old don’t bed wet and I don’t wake up at night to take them to the toilet. If you do the two points above religiously, you may not have to wake them up at midnight. To be a mother it’s not easy at all; imagine waking up every night just to make sure your kids’ stops bed wetting. It is one of the everyday experience  of a mother.
  • Deny them of anything they love or the television program they love watching most, any time they bed wets. Deprivation / denial punishment is a type of punishment children do not like at all. Imagine depriving a child of his break or snacks in school?  A friend’s son at 8 still bed wets, the only thing the mother did was to deprive him of his TV game and watching cartoon network anytime he bed wets and in a matter of weeks he stopped bed wetting, maybe you would say, he got older, but the good news is that he stopped bed wetting.
  • Threaten the child to tell his/her friends and schoolmates; but please don’t do this, just use it as threat, it can ruin the child’s ego. When the child knows that he runs the risk of everybody in school and in the neighborhood knowing he/ she still bed wets, I’m sure that child would want to or stop bed wetting. He/ she would not want to be called “wee-wee” in school, which will be embarrassing.
    With these methods, my kids at 3 or even before 3 stopped bed wetting and no diaper at night, their room doesn’t get to be smelly. A smelly room can be quite horrible.                                                                                                                                               If your kids’ bed wets just get them mackintosh on their bed to protect the  mattress and reduce the occurrence of skin infections and smelly room.  The mackintosh, you can wash and air anytime your child pees on it, but the mattress you cannot wash but can air ( and in this rainy season?). You do not want your house/ your children’s room to be all smelly.

Are there other ways you know that will help a mom stop her child from bed wetting? 

Share your ideas in the comment box.

Do not forget to share with your mommy friends to help them stop their kids from bed wetting.                                                                                  

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