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Funny, awkward, weird and hilarious questions kids ask.

Children by their very nature are inquisitive and curious, they want to know everything. Why this and why that.
The innocence in their question makes me want to answer every of their questions.

I’m not sure there is a questionnaire with more questions than kids; maybe my kids; they can ask questions more than a questionnaire. Sometimes I do not have answers to all their questions. Their questions can come at anytime and at anywhere, unexpectedly they throw the question at you, and you are expected to answer them. Being a parent you are supposed to know it all. Sometimes I will just say, go and ask your daddy.  Some of their questions sometimes makes me think deeply. 
Why must the questions be directed to mommy? Mom is the information minister.

These questions must come to you, for sure, so I have prepared this list to help you get ready for the questions before it comes.
       Mommy, why does daddy call you baby? Are you a baby? Is it because he is bigger than you and daddies are bigger than babies? My 5 year old son looked at me one day and asked me this question, well I replied, “yes I am his baby”. The next question is then why don’t you call him daddy? It was a session of question and answer that day.
       Mommy, if mommies and daddies get married to have babies, who marries a cow to have a calf? This question came from my seven year old daughter the day my friend and her husband visited with their new born baby. When I told her that a male cow marries a female cow and they will have a calf. Her next question threw me off balance; she said, since the cows move together in the bush, how do they know their wives and husbands? I’m still thinking of what to say to her to avoid more questions.
       Mommy is it Jesus’ hand that is washing the clothes in the washing machine? My 5 year old again; No my dear, it is an electrical appliance that cleans out dirt by turning the clothes over and over, there is no hand inside. Mommy should we break the washing machine to see inside? Please noooo, I don't have money for a new one. Maybe there is an invisible hand inside the washing machine.
        Mommy, before you gave birth to my brother,  you were pregnant and he was in your tummy, before then where was he? This one came from my 7 year old daughter and it got me thinking. Where was I too before me mom gave birth to me? In heaven?
            Mommy, how do babies get inside mommies' tummies? My 5 year old again. God gives babies my dear. So God will open their tummy and put the baby there he asked again? No, it is a miracle.
              Mommy, can daddies be pregnant too? My 5 year old again. No my dear, only mommies can be pregnant. So why do daddies have big tummies too all the time, he asked again, then I said you should ask your daddy that one.
             Mommy what is adultery? My 7 seven year old daughter. This question came on fathers' Sunday, when we had combined service in church, and during sermon, the preacher said, "adultery kills marriages". It is a sin only adults commit, I quickly replied.
      Mommy who is a prostitute? My 7 seven year old daughter  again.  It is bad to watch movies rated 16 with kids. the source of this question is from the television, Hey, where do I start in providing the answer to this one? Please my dear readers who is a prostitute?
              Mommy why can’t we sleep in your room? But you said it is good to share.
       Mommy why is the sun following us? Every child asked this question.
            Mommy when will you be pregnant again? Can you please have a baby girl? My 7 seven year old daughter.
      Mommy why do you go to work? My 5 year old son. Because I need your money.

      Mommy who gives you money at the ATM? 
            Mommy, why do people die? My 7 seven year old daughter.

And the list is endless.

 Answering their endless questions has taught me some very important life lessons.

There are some that I was not able to answer or maybe answered wrongly, please drop your answers in the comment box. Feel free to correct any wrongly answered question.

What are the weird questions your kids have asked you? Some of their questions I have forgotten.

Every question is an opportunity to inform, educate and teach your child. Use every question asked to inform and educate your child. Do not let the society answer their questions, they may get misinformed.

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