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What will your kids be doing this august holiday / long vacation?

Thank God for the successful end of another academic session, it was not easy for the parents, doing the school runs and homework, for the teachers, doing the teaching and the children doing the learning.

It was a period of striving for academic excellence, unending teaching and learning, the children never had time for themselves; they were busy going to school, doing their home works and all.

Personally I love holiday period, no waking up on time to get the kids ready for school. If I manage to dodge work in a day, I would get to sleep till whenever. I love holiday period, no rushing off from work to go and do school runs, I take my time and leave the office at the close of work. I love holiday period, no shouting over homework, we study any day we feel like. I love holiday period, no cracking of brain of what to put in the lunch box.

This long vacation/ august holiday is a very long one, there will be lots of free time for parents, teachers and pupils. 
I have been thinking about what to do, to keep my kids actively engaged this long holiday. I don’t even know why school have to vacate this early, maybe they want the kids to rest for a week or so, before coming back for holiday school/lesson.

Summer school or summer lesson as they call it? I have never enrolled my kids in any form of holiday school or lesson. To me it is for parents that are very busy with work, and do not have anyone to look after the kids over the holiday, or do not have where to take the kids or parents that do not know how to actively engage their kids over the long holiday.

Personally, I feel after the  long period of academic session, the stress and pressure or waking up early, going to school and all, I feel the kids should be allowed to enjoy their holidays, if not for anything allow them play and be kids just for that holiday period. They should be allowed to sleep and wake up at least 8am no more 6am for school.

There are varieties of fun this august holiday for your kids, explore them and let your kids have fun and also learn something new. Creative writing, dancing, singing, robotics, football, art and craft among others are all what to help you keep your child actively engaged this summer holiday.

Ways to actively engage your kids this august holiday/long vacation;

This august holiday/long vacation, let your child learn something new outside the four walls of a classroom. Make this holiday fun and engaging for your kids, enough of the boredom. Give the multiplication and subtraction a break, all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.
      . Identify your child’s hidden talent; during the school period might not be a good time to identify a child's hidden talent, the school period is a busy period, the kids themselves are over burdened with school work to have time to display a talent. This august holiday/ long vacation, let your child play, that is one of the ways to identify a child’s talent, and during play time a child may unconsciously display a talent, from playing football, singing, outdoor play, indoor play etc a child must display a talent while playing. Playing with other kids also sharpens a child's thinking and problem solving ability.
           Develop your child’s talent; maybe you have discovered your child’s hidden talent, this holiday period is a good time to develop the talent. Enroll your child in an academy that will help your child develop his/her hidden talent. Football academy, music lesson, swimming lesson, art and craft etc. encourage our child to develop his/her talent by enrolling your child in the right academy.
       . Learn a skill; a period of one month is enough for one to learn a new skill, at least the basics of the skill. Children learn fast, you will be so much amazed at how much your child will learn in a particular skill this august holiday. Bead making, catering, arts, etc, anything your child can creatively do with his/her hands will actively engage your child this august holiday.
            Learn a new language; French, Chinese, even your native dialect. This august holiday/ long vacation is a good time for your child to learn something new, a new language, especially if your child is below 10.
            . Traveling; take your kids to somewhere new, somewhere different from where they use to live. No matter where it is, change of environment is fun and gives happiness. Maybe outside the country or even to the village, to spend the long vacation with grandma, anywhere you can afford. You will be buying life for the grandmas if you take their grand kids to them, it will also avail your kids the opportunity to learn their local dialect.
           .   Vacation bible school; so many churches organize this bible school for kids, let your kids join and learn more about the bible.
       . Home lesson teacher/tutor; you may wish to get your kids super ready for a new class come the new academic session, then a home lesson teacher/tutor is your best bet. Make use of this august holiday/long vacation and help your kids get ahead of his/her mates in school.
       . Summer school/ summer lesson as they call it; some schools organize their holiday school/lesson in a way that the kids will learn a craft during the holiday school, if you can do the school runs involved, let your kids he actively engaged this august holiday in the holiday school/lesson.
There are lots of things to with the kids this long vacation/august holiday, to keep them busy and also make sure they learn something new.
Actively enaging your kids this long holiday is a way of child discipline.

 For me, I think I have taken the option of taking them to grandma; she will be so happy and delighted to have them this long holiday. At least I will have the house all to myself and hubby and you know what that means, I can afford to walk round my house naked, and probably expect a new baby after the holiday.

What else do you think kids can do this holiday to keep them actively engaged? Maybe I will change my mind hearing your opinion, please drop your opinion in the comment box.


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