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Married but Single; Resign or Resume duty.

It is over three months since our dear president travelled abroad for medical issues, well I pray for his quick recovery for him to come back and resume his duties as the president and as a husband.

A call has been made by some Nigerians calling the president to resign or resume duty, having been away for three months.

Alright, the president is not my issue, my issue is that some married couples need to resign or resume their duties as married people and as parents.

A call to resign means that the person is not doing well, or performing below expectation or standard, hence the need for the call to resign.

A call to resume duty means that the person was doing his/her job initially and stopped or went off for a while, hence the call to resume duty.

Some marriages started off well, on a very lovely ground, but along the line problems, issues, crisis started arising and the relationship went sour. So the need for the call to resign or resume.

The same call is necessary in some marriages, where the husband and the wife sleeps in different rooms, go their separate ways, do things like they are still single. They go for occasions alone, like they have no partner.

Some marriages need this RESIGN OR RESUME CALL

No need to say that some men are just ceremonial, sperm donor husbands and fathers. They only appear when they want to. They are the fathers that do not know the way to their kids’ school; neither do they know their children’s second name. Sperm donor husbands do not know their wives favorite color, neither do they know her second name.

These men are also night walkers.

The women married to this class of men are married but living single.

This class of men needs to resign or resume their duties as husbands and fathers.

The only difference between them and the single ladies is just the title Mrs. or maybe having kids.

It is very sad to note that some women are married but are living single.

Husband only appears when he wants to sleep with his wife, or when it is time to get the woman pregnant again. He then disappears to reappear when the woman comes out from omugwo and he needs to have sex again.

It is sad to note that some men do not even know how their wives make their hair, change their inner wears, how they buy clothes or even buy recharge card.
He is not in anyway financially responsible for his wife's needs.

A husband that waits for his wife to ask him for money before he takes care of his wife’s financial needs has to resign or resume his duty as a man and a husband.

 A man that allows his wife to take care of herself financially, even when he is capable of taking care of the financial needs of the wife, needs to resign or resume his duty as a husband.

A husband that waits for his wife to beg him for sex before he knows that he will make love to his wife, needs to resign or resume his duty as a husband.

Some men sex starves their wives, sex happens occasionally, when the man deems it fit to.

A father that crawls back home when everybody is already in bed, needs to resign or resume his duty as a father.

Some men are also married but living single.
 I know a man and his wife that cook with different pots, the man cooks his meals while the woman cooks for herself and her kids.

Some women has refused to forgive their husbands, they punish them of crime they committed long time ago.

They only communicate when the matter concerns the children.

These wives has locked up when it comes to making love, they do not care about the sexual needs of their husbands, or even to cook for him.

This class of women needs to resign or resume their duties as wives.

They need to go back to where they started and start afresh.

In some marriages, the husband takes care of himself while the wife takes care of herself, they do not care about each other at all.

The helper they are meant to be to each other is no more there.

My opinion is that any husband or wife that has failed in his or her responsibilities as a wife or husband has to resign or resume.

The love you had initially has suddenly disappeared, you are now in an abusive marriage, enduring domestic violence that may cost your life, resign now and save your life.
You now see it as hard work to cook for you husband, or to even make love to your husband, resume duty as a wife now.
Dear husband, you do not take care of your wife's needs again, resume your duty as a husband now.

Do you think married couples that are living single should maintain status quo and continue living like that or resign, resume their duties?



What do you think about this topic? Feel free to drop your views in the comment box.



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