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Unwanted pregnancy/Unplanned pregnancy

Pregnancy period is a long period of time and should be very well planned and desired to avoid any form of regrets along the line. Desired pregnancy comes with no regrets.

 Unwanted pregnancy is a pregnancy that the woman or maybe the couple may not want to keep at that time due to reasons best known to her or them.
  Unplanned pregnancy is pregnancy that the woman or the couple did not plan for and it happened, may be the birth control method failed or no birth control method was in use. 

Planned pregnancy or wanted pregnancy is  that pregnancy you sat down and convinced yourself that you want to go for a baby at that time, you may probably set the month you want to have your baby before having sex.

Pregnancy may occur when it is not wanted or desired, but then when it happens it becomes desired and wanted.

 I think my first pregnancy will be termed unplanned pregnancy, I wont say unwanted pregnancy because I was very much aware that unprotected sex or not being on any form of family planning/ birth control method will/ may lead to pregnancy. And I was not on any form of birth control at that time. But then when it happened it became desired and wanted.

 Both may  mean the same thing in some situations anyways. 

 Then I ask; is there anything like unwanted or unplanned pregnancy? 

 My personal answer/ opinion to that question is a capital NO.
  Pregnancy is pregnancy whether wanted or unwanted, planned or unplanned. Why will a pregnancy said to be unwanted when you indulge in the act that leads to pregnancy?

  It is just like putting your finger in a burning fire and expecting the fire not to burn your finger. It is just like walking under the rain without an umbrella or a raincoat and expecting not to get wet.
 What inspired me to write this was due to a call I received from a friend one certain day saying:
 Friend- faith please help me
  Me ;       woman, what is it again
  Friend ;   I think am pregnant
  Me ;       you think or you know
  Friend ;   I’m having pregnancy symptoms & my period has not come.
  Me ;       Did you have sex without protection
  Friend ;   yes, but I thought I was on my free period and wont get pregnant
  Me ;        laughing, you’re still thinking, I guess you’re not on family planning
  Friend ;    No, am not, we are using free period
  Me ;         Well, let’s wait if your period does not come, maybe you could keep the pregnancy or you can as well go and do blood test for pregnancy, it will detect any stage/age of pregnancy.
   Friend    ;  thanks faith.

How can a woman not get pregnant, when she is having unprotected sex? You are not on any form of family planning, not practicing withdrawal method, free period method (billings method) and you cannot abstain from touching and romance; and then pregnancy will occur. 

If pregnancy occurs when you are not doing any of these things and you’re very much aware of how fertile you and your partner are, then it is not unwanted pregnancy/ unplanned pregnancy. It takes two to tango.

To have sex without protection or being on any form of birth control simply means pregnancy is very much wanted and desired.

My advise and bottom line of this my post is;

Go for family planning or abstain from sex if you are sure you do not want pregnancy.

A stitch in time saves nine.

Go for family planning/birth control now to avoid stories and maybe abortion.

There are lots of family planning / birth control methods available today. Go and choose the one that suits you.

Do you think there is something like unwanted pregnancy?

Personally I will say there is nothing like unwanted pregnancy, if you don't want pregnancy abstain from sex or go for family planning.

Till I have gist for you again.......
Stay happy always.....

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