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Four types of erection every man should have;

First who is a man?

A man is a male human, not just a male human, because so many men are not men; they are just men in the physical features. A man is male human being who responds in any way and anytime, he is called upon.
M; morning
A; afternoon
N; night.

Secondly, what is an erection?

Erect; rigidly upright, build, establish, create.

Erection; an action of erecting a structure, an erect state of the penis.

A man is supposed to be erect in some very aspects of life, he is supposed to maintain an erection in these areas of life. Sometimes when the man fails to have and maintain an erection in these areas, the woman takes over.

Penile erection; this is the enlarged and erect, upright state of the penis. Should I say this is the most important erection a man should have? Maybe, maybe not. But how can a man get his wife pregnant, talk more of giving her full sexual satisfaction if he cannot have and maintain a good penile erection? A real man should have and maintain a penile erection anytime his wife calls on him for action. I know of a woman that divorced her husband due to his inability to have or maintain penile erection. This can be due to a medical condition which can be treated and not to die in silence and suffer your marriage. A man is supposed to be ready to give it to his wife... MORNING, AFTERNOON, NIGHT, as at when due and anytime she calls on him.

Financial erection; money is not love, but love needs money to blossom. Even if a man cannot afford to buy all the things his wife wants, which the wants and needs of a woman can never end, he should at least be able to provide her basic needs. He should be able to take care of his wife financially at his own level, as much as he can. A man does not need to rob a bank or commit crime to be financially erect, only that some men have chosen to be lazy, or maybe depend on their parents to take care of their families. I heard a man saying  that if a man keeps telling his wife I don’t have money all the time, his wife will start serving him food with bone as meat. Well, I don’t know if it’s true or not, all I know is that a man is supposed to be financially erect, answer his financial calls, MORNING, AFTERNOON, and NIGHT. The wife is only there to support and help and not to carry all the financial responsibilities in the home. A man is supposed to have and maintain financial erection.

Physical erection; a man is supposed to protect his wife against all or any form of attacks or violence from any one, be it friends or family. It is sad that some men cannot even protect their wives from her in-laws; she has to learn to protect herself. A real man is supposed to fight for his wife, speak for her when and where she cannot speak for herself. It is sad to know that some men are cowards; they are men only when they see their wives,  (you will hear such men say to their wives; I will show you that I am a man today) among his family members, his penis disappears and he loses his physical erection. A real man is supposed to be physically erect, and stand up for his wife, MORNING, AFTERNOON AND NIGHT.

Spiritual erection; a real man is meant to be spiritually erect, stand in the gap for his family, be the prophet, priest, pastor and king in his family. In so many homes, the wives are the spiritual pillars, they carry the family spiritually, if they do not wake the family members for prayers, there will be no prayers that day. If you doubt me, go to church and count the number of women and men you see in church.  The number of women far outweighs the number of men. A real man is supposed to answer his spiritual call, MORNING, AFTERNOON AND NIGHT.

I don’t really know the one to tag the most important erection a man should have. All are very important for the well-being of the family and the society at large. 

If I say spiritual erection is not very important, what happens when an attack comes into the family? Who will pray out the family? Maybe the wife. What happens when the family needs a prayer warrior?

If I say penile erection is not very important, what will the woman do when she wants to have sex, cheat? Then she will be a prostitute, without anyone asking why she did it.

If I say financial erection is not very important, who takes care of the financial responsibilities in the home, the wife? Maybe.

If I say physical erection is not very important, who will defend the wife from abuses, violence and attacks from in-laws and others.

Which one do you think is the most important? I’m really confused, I cant say. For some women that can take care of themselves in every other way, financially, spiritually and physically, they may choose penile erection as the most important.

For those that do not care about sex, but prefer money, they may choose  financial erection.

for those that can pray down the heaven, they may choose other types of erection where they need help.

As for me, I will choose all, I want good sex, good money, spiritually  and physically strong man.

Do you think the woman should take over the responsibilities of the man? To me it is a capital NO.

 Are you a man? Do not be a sperm donor husband, be a real man.

Till I have gist for you again…….

Stay happy always……


  1. Very necessary, tx for sharing

    1. More than necessary and important,only that I don't know the one that is more important. Thanks for dropping your comment ma'am.


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