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My normal slang is…… if you think pregnancy and childbirth is painful and difficult, why don’t you try raising kids.

Having and raising kids is a whole lot of work, it is more than a full time job. And these days’ moms combine motherhood and white collar job or maybe full time business, and this makes motherhood very tedious and demanding.

I don’t know how our moms did it, especially my mom, but they deserve one million gbosas. Unlike these days, where we have some household appliances to ease off housework, like washing machine, how did they manage to wash all the cloths and do all the work then?

Having and raising kids has done and is still doing so many things in my life, even at that I won’t give up being a mother for anything in the world.

 Having and raising kids has taught me some very important  LIFE LESSONS.
     A baby will make your love stronger; carrying your new born baby for the first time in your hands will make you know and understand the truly meaning of love. Raising that child and sacrificing a lot for that child will teach you what it means to actually love. I actually learned  how to love and what it truly means to love when I started having kids. My kids also taught me what unconditional love is, not just in words but in deeds. What kind of love will make a child you just finished spanking to run back to you and say “mommy I love you”? Having kids made me a better lover.
            Having and raising kids will make your days shorter; sometimes I check my time twice to be sure it is working very well, it seems the 24 hours in a day is not enough. Personally I am always in want of time, before you say Jack it is time to for school runs, then homework, dinner, night prayers, bedtime and then the day is over. What time do I have then to take care of myself and do my personal stuff? I want more hours added to my day. Some days you don’t get all the work done before the day is over. I will always say,” Tomorrow is another day”. Having kids made me ask God to put more hours in a day.
        Having a baby will make your nights longer; you will only know how long a night is when you have a crying baby. With my last baby, I was always scared and worried about night times; my nights were just too long. I wished I could skip night times those days because my baby cries all night and I usually don't get to sleep well. Having kids made me worry about night times.
·      \\
             Bank account smaller; with kids I don’t know how to keep my savings intact. Somehow I still manage to save small but still I find myself touching my savings sometimes. When you have kids to take care of, bills to pay, my kids to kit up and all, what is the money doing in the bank account?
·       Home happier; no matter what having and raising kids has done to me and is still doing to me, I still will not give up having them for anything in the world. They made my life and home happier, but my bank account smaller. Having kids made my bank account smaller.
      Cloths shabbier; when  my last baby was less than a year, I was not buying white cloths or cloths with bright colors. I was always careful about the cloths I wear when I’m going out with mu kids. Apart from that, when I want to buy cloths, I buy for my kids first, before I think of buying for myself. Provided they look good, I can wear anything and follow them. They represent me. Having kids made worry less about fashion.
            House messier; imagine when you just finished cleaning the house and your kids mess it up, how will you feel? But that is the reason why I have them, to mess up my house. I don’t mind having my house messed up, I will clean it up and they, my kids, will help me do that. Before I started having kids, I can afford to mop my house twice in a week or once a week, but now, I had to mop my house on daily basis. Having kids made an unofficial housemaid.
       The past forgotten; how kids forget things taught me to stop counting wrongs done to me. They taught me how to truly forget the past, even when you are trying to remind them of the past, they don’t even remember. Having kids made me to forget the past and look forward to the future. Having kids made me worry less about the past, and I learned to forgive easily.
      The future worth living for; when I look into my future and see my kids in it, I keep pushing and struggling to make their future  and my future happy and bright. They are the reasons why I keep working hard for a brighter future. My future is worth living for with my kids in it. I want to see them grow, get married and raise their own families. Having them made my future bright.

No matter what having kids and raising them has done to me and is still doing to me, I won’t give up having and raising  them for anything. They are the reason why my life is sweet.

 I remember when we were small, in my father’s house, my father does not allow us to sit on the couch in the sitting room, and he has a chair especially for the kids in the sitting room. He said we will spoil and dirty his couch for him. That couch now has been used for firewood and we are still here for him.


I'm sure I have colleagues in this business, please share your experience with me in the comment box.


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