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7 signs that you need to employ a house help.

Parenting is taking a new turn these days, you not give your kids your time, and they also need your money. So both parents, mom and dad, are working so hard to make ends meet. Sometimes, the home front suffers lack of attention, that is why there are people called house helps. They serve you, you pay them.

Housework does not and can never end; it is just like tomorrow that has no end. That you did your house 
work today does not mean you will not do it tomorrow. You must do housework every day, in fact every minute.

As a matter of fact, one cannot do all the work in the house alone, you need help from whosoever, relations, friends, kids, husband, in laws, house help etc, you just need help.

If you feel you are a superwoman and needs no help, kudos to you, and if you feel you must need a help, please get one for yourself. Somebody will not come and die because of house work.

Well, sha, some signs are perfect evidence that the services of a house help is really needed.

      1.    If you don’t like house work. If I may ask, who likes housework? Some people do, me, naaaaaaa. I  know  a woman that says she likes doing her house works by herself; she does not like people doing things for her. Well, I would want to live with that kind of person. Lazy bones like me that do not like house work should please get a house help and create jobs for the young girls. I dey try do my house works myself anyways.

      2.    If you are always multitasking; which woman does not multitask? Multitasking is when you are washing cloths and cooking at the same time, cleaning the house and babysitting your kids all at once. But when your own multitasking has entered another level, please do yourself a favor and employ a help.

       3.    If your white collar job/business is really demanding; you may need a house help if your office work takes much of your time and you rarely have time to take care of your home. You may need the services of a house help to help you out with house work and the home front while you face the office work, to make some money to help hubby, but please mind the services your house help renders to hubby.

       4.    If you rarely have time for leisure; time is one of life’s valuable but scarce commodities. Time is never enough, we always want more time. We all know the saying “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. If you work hard so much that you are always busy either with house work or office work and you rarely have time for leisure, to hang out with friends, to relax and watch television, to even take care of yourself, then you may need a help. Leisure time is very important in life that is why we have break time in school, it will help you relax and unwind.

       5.    If your home is always untidy; if you have kids that do not like seeing a tidy, clean and not messed up house, then you need the services of a house help to help you put things in order. In this case, my kids have turned to my house helps. Our mess up and clean up the mess works, so we rarely have a messed up house.

       6.    If you are too tired to do “house work” after office work; house work here does not only mean “house work” as in cooking, washing, ironing, cleaning etc. I mean the real “house work”. The house work in the “other room”. If you get too tired that you don’t have time for this particular “house work” mehn, you so much need a house help. Besides this particular “house work” in the other room, helps one to un-wind and assures you of a very good night rest. Do not let your normal house work come between you and this “house work”. Hire a maid now.

If you don't find yourself in any of these categories, then you are very lucky, you may not need  a house help.

I wonder who does not fall in at least one of these categories? Well go with the option that suits you and your pocket.

Please who suffer head epp? Who strong woman epp? I will not come and kill myself because of house work.
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