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8 facts every mom of boy(s) should know.
Raising boys has been fun and very challenging, thank God I have both sexes and can have a say about how it feels to raise any.
My boys five years and three years have taught me some LIFE LESSONS..

There are things that are boyish; there are things boys do that you cannot take away from them, I may not have know this facts about boys until I had them. It is my earnest prayer that every woman raises both sexes and as such know what it feels like to raise both sexes.
      1.    Boys shout; sometimes I wonder if it is just normal shouting or that they want to grow their Adams apple, but my boys can shout.  Even to call mommy, they will shout it, to say they want something, they will shout, I have even joined them, I shout back their names when they shout mommy, I am not deaf that I won’t hear them call, they just prefer to shout.

      2.    Most boys are boyish; like my boys, my five year old especially, anything pink, purple or red is not for him, and he cannot use it, even if it is a drinking cup. If you want him not to disturb you about something again, just tell him that thing is for girls, he will not come near that thing again, when it comes to play before he plays with his sister, he will ask you first, if that type of play is for girls or boys. I don’t know where he learned boy’s things or boys play from, but he is just a boyish boy.

      3.    Boys can be rough; hey, they can be rough as in very rough, I always listen for cry or wait for report anytime they are playing.  They play damn too rough. It has not been easy controlling them or trying to stop them. My last boy is a professional in hitting his head on the wall or floor, every part of his head has been hit on the wall/floor, sometimes I wonder if he does not see well or just playing. from pillow fights, wrestling, boxing, superman game etc. I heard it is their age that they will outgrow it, I can’t wait for them to outgrow it. If you know how to stop boys from rough and too much play please I need your help.

     4.    Have your hospital card handy; some of their plays land them in the clinic, so you will yourself a favor by having their hospital cards handy. My friend was called back from work sometime, that her son had a fall and broke his arm and has been rushed to the hospital. She was lucky the hospital card was in her purse, she went straight to the hospital and saved herself some time looking for the card or the stress of buying a new one. You never can tell where you will be called out from, always have your hospital card handy, I am not praying for an accident, but you can never tell.

     5.    Everything/anything is a weapon; I learned this the day my older son almost choked his younger brother with a pair of sock, just a pair of sock. The television remote control, pencil, spoon, even their cloths, everything around them is a potential weapon. So I don’t let things lay around the house like that.

     6.    Boy’s cloths are not nice; buying cloths for my daughter makes me happy more than buying for the boys. All you see for the boys is shirt, short, trouser, nothing more. But for girls you see colorful, beautiful cloths, and you will be happy you did some shopping. Even their foot wears, it is not more than snickers, loafers or sandals.

      7.    Ask your dad. Some questions are not meant for me, they are meant for daddy, those questions I direct back to daddy. Questions like, mommy why is daddy bigger than you. You may want to see FUNNY QUESTIONS KIDS ASK

      8.    You are not just raising your son, you are raising someone’s husband and someone’s father, raise him well. Raise that boy, that your son to be the kind of husband you would love your daughter to marry. Raise him to be the best father one can ever have.
Don’t wait till your daughter in law starts complaining before you realize you didn’t raise him well. We need NEW GENERATION OF HUSBANDS.
    9.    Their toilet always smells of wee; I don’t know why these boys will not hold their penis while peeing, they will use their wee to design the toilet and this leaves everywhere smelly. For lazy bones like me, this part is very difficult except you have a help at home. To stop their toilet from smelling of wee all the time I had to mop the toilet morning and night, sometimes thrice a day. One day I told my younger son to pee outside, he finished peeing and called the brother to come and see what he wrote with his wee on the floor, it was then I realized that they pee on the toilet floor intentionally, so we introduced another measure to checkmate smelly toilet and then it stopped.
     I think it is more hard work, challenging and fun at the same time raising boys, or what do you think? I really love to hear from you, let me know if I'm alone on this one or it is just my laziness disturbing me.
    Do you have more facts to share with me about raising boys? Please I need to know more to help me raise my boys well for my future daughters in-law.


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