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Importance Of Keeping A Personal Health Record

Personal health records/ family health records.

   Personal/family health record is a health record where data and information related to the health and care of you and family members is kept and maintained. The intention of keeping a personal/family health record is to provide a complete and accurate summary of one’s medical history/background.

You can create a file for your family health records on your personal computer and go paperless, or write as note on your mobile phone, or better still write them on a notebook.

Any how you find convenient is okay, provided there is a health record.
The hospitals already have your personal health records but that is for the hospitals use, not for your personal use. That is why you should have your own personal health records kept by you.

Some questions asked by the doctors in the hospital will need to refer back to your childhood days or give your parents a call to be sure of the answer.

Can you answer yes to all these questions?

        Do you know anything about your parents and grandparents peculiar and special health problems?

2     .    Do you accurately and vividly remember all your childhood illnesses, injuries and diseases?

3      .    Do you have a complete and concise record of all your children’s medical or health shots, why, when and how they received the shots?

4     .    Do you know the important and peculiar medical/health history of each of your family members?

If you can answer yes to all these questions, then you may not have need for personal health records.

How wonderful it would have been if this my body came with a complete to manual and a section for personal health records, it would have bed en a whole lot easier to answer all the questions at the doctors place.

The first ten minutes of your stay in the doctor’s office for antenatal visit or any visit at all is devoted to questions and answers about personal and family medical history/background.

That my mom said my blood group is AA and my genotype is O+ does not I should not visit the medical laboratory to be sure of my blood group and genotype and have a personal health record of my genotype and blood group.

Even my kids too, that myself and husband has blood group O+ and genotype AA does not I should not take my kids for a blood test and let them have a personal health record of their blood group and genotype.

Keeping a personal health record and family health record is very important, as that information may be passed on to your children for future reference.

Keeping a personal /family health record will help one know the disease and conditions one is predisposed to, or pass on to his/her children.

 A good health record is to be kept by families, especially records of inherited diseases, so that when such diseases occur, it can be traced down the lineage.

Health records like, vaccinations, allergies, diseases, blood group, genotype, height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol level, blood sugar, pulse rate, etc are important information about your personal health and family’s health and should be kept in a safe place for future reference.

 Apart from writing and keeping your own personal health records and family health records, your health practioniers are required by law to give you a copy of your personal health record. Information about your health and family’s health is a very important and legal document, and you should not hesitate asking for it.

Some families use different doctors or health facilities, while the kids have a pediatrician, the mother has a gynecologist and the father may probably have a different doctor, they all have their health records with different doctors and health facilities, that is why a single family health record is very important for every family.

Health record will help the family have a health record for a new doctor to look at, in the case of relocation of change of health facility.

Personal/ family health records will help the new doctor develop a health history for the family; it can also give information that may help you get accurate and faster information about your health and medical tests.

Personal/family health records will help in filling out forms for school, job, interview, insurance, etc.
As a parent, an up to date and accurate health record will help and improve your effectiveness as a parent.

Personal health record will make it easier to store and track all your medical issues and health conditions. Family health record makes it easy to find and locate any information about your family’s health anytime you need it, either for an emergency or visiting a doctor away from home or a doctor apart from your personal/family doctor.

Also discuss your health history and that of your parents even your grandparents with your kids, if possible let them have a copy of the health records, this will help them know the diseases and conditions they may likely have in future.

Simply put, a good personal/family health record will help the family trace the origin of any illness or disease.

Do you have a personal health record?

Do you have a family health record?

Do you think keeping a personal health record or family health record is not important?

Drop your views and opinions in the comment box.



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