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WOW !!! SHE MARRIED A GOOD MAN/HUSBAND.....................................

Whats your idea of a good man/husband?

How do you judge a man to be a good husband?

You hear lines like, wow, you are so lucky, you married a good man/husband. She is so lucky she married a good man/husband.

So this question came to my mind. Who is a good man/husband? What makes a man a good husband? What is your definition of a good man/husband?

 1. A faithful man?  A man that does not and cannot cheat. When I say cheat I don’t mean only sexually cheat on the partner. Both emotional unfaithfulness, financial unfaithfulness, social media unfaithfulness, yes, you read right etc. is he the good man/husband? Is faithfulness all that is needed to guarantee a happy home and a successful marriage? That a man is faithful, and does not show any sign or tendency to cheat, does it make him a good man/husband?

   2. A handsome man? Hmmmm, I wonder who will not want marry a handsome, tall man, if not for anything but to have adorable, pretty kids. But is a handsome man a good man/husband? Is handsomeness all a woman needs to be happy in her home? Does handsomeness qualify a man as a good man/husband?

   3. A rich man? Money! Money!! Money!!! Money is very important in  any family. It is money that pays the bills; every woman wants to marry a rich man. Then I ask is a rich man a good man/husband? Is money all that is needed to make a marriage work and give the happily ever after marriage? Does a man’s wealth qualify him as good man/husband?

   4. An educated man? A literate man, with good educational background and qualifications, that can speak good, polished queens English, is he a good man/husband? Is his literacy all that is needed for him to qualify as a good man/husband? Does educational qualifications and background qualify a man as a good man/husband?

   5. A romantic man? Romance? Everyone wants a romantic man for a husband. Which woman wouldn’t want a candle light dinner with soft music once in a while? What about breakfast in bed?  Is being  romantic all that is required for a man to be described as a good man/husband?

    6. A God fearing man? He is God fearing to the core, he may even be an anointing filled pastor. He has the fear of God but may not have any other thing to add to that. Does his love for God and anointing qualify him as a good man/husband?

   7. Surname? A man with a good family background, a family name that rings a bell in the ear of everyone is he a good man/husband? A family name that everybody knows is the only thing he has to offer to his woman, does that qualify him as a good man/husband?

    8.   His gentle nature? That a man is so gently that he cannot hurt a fly, talk more of being violent or beating his wife, does that make him a good man/husband.

   9.  His generosity? some men are very rich but their wives cannot see the color of their money, let alone feeling or touching it. that a man is not stingy, he is very generous, he is a good giver, does that make him a good man/husband? Being rich and having the mind  to spend money are two different things.  

  10. His good sense of humor? I like men with god sense of humor, but then is humor all I need to make my marriage work? is good sense of humor all a man needs to be called a good man/husband?   

  11. His age? Does age really play a role in marriage? Getting married to a young man, or even an older man does that qualify him as a good man/husband?

 Every woman will want a man with all these qualities, but hey, no one is perfect, there must lapses here and there, to get a man with all these qualities may be a wild geese chase.

Good luck in your search if you are still searching, you may be lucky to get a good man with all these qualities.

But really, I want to know, what qualities should  man possess before being described as a good man/husband?

  1.  His faithfulness?
  2. His money?
  3. His educational qualifications?
  4. His love for God?
  5. His family name/background?
  6. His romantic nature/
  7.                                                                                                                                                                                       What do you think? Because I'm already looking out for a good man/husband for my daughter, and I want to raise my sons into good men/husbands for their wives.
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