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COUPLES TIME IN MARRIAGE,.....................

3 types of couples time in marriage.

Marriage is a union or should I say an agreement (because the man and the woman have to agree first before they unite) between a man and a woman to live together or spend the rest of their lives together.

Time is the world’s most important, needed, yet very scarce commodity. No wonder it is said that time is money. Sometimes it seems the 24hours in a day is not enough. You get paid for your time when you work.
In a marriage setting, the man and the wife are to spend quality time together; it helps the marital relationship to blossom.

I have really sat down to notice and study these types of times found in marriage. Consciously or unconsciously, directly or indirectly, couples practice these times, some are good for the well being of the marriage while some are very detrimental and harmful to the success and well-being of the marriage.

1. Time totally separate; this is the time couples spend totally away from each other, they may not even be within the same neighborhood, country, state or town. It can be time spent at work, different rooms, traffic, on a journey, hanging out with friends. Etc. this type of time is important somehow, because to me, distance makes the heart grow fonder, but when this type of time comes very often, it may be harmful to the well-being of the marriage. By the time the couples get back after being apart

, they try to make up for the times spent apart. What a good time that particular time will be. Secondly, if the couples decide to spend their time together and don’t go to work, what will they eat, sand?

2. Time together, but alone; This type of time is very common and popular these days, and can be very detrimental to the well-being of the marriage. This time is when couples are together but alone, it happens mostly when they are quarreling or there is an unsettled argument, otherwise called silent treatment. 

Sometimes, there is no quarrel but they are just busy doing their own thing. Everyone is minding his or her own business at that time. In some cases, this time is being spent unconsciously. Well, sometimes I find myself in this time, blogging away my time, while hubby will be busy watching movie, sometimes it is just the mobile phones, the couples are together but busy with their mobile phones. This time is not good for the well-being of the marriage. They are close to those far away from them but very far away from their partners right beside them.

3.  Together, together time; this type of time is very sweet and very necessary for the success and well-being of any marriage. This is the type of time the couples spend with just each other, no kid(s), and no friend(S), just the husband and the wife, giving each other rapt attention, with no interruptions. This time can be spent anywhere, not necessarily in the bedroom or at home, maybe hanging out, driving, watching television, bathing, making love, sitting out, sleeping, just staying together. 

This type of time helps the marital relationship blossom. Who, especially women, that does not want to spend this type of time with her husband? This time is kind of rare these days. The hurdles of life have reduced the together, together time spent by couples.
But then life is not a bed of roses, sometimes we don’t have time enough to spend together, together time with our partners, but we just have to create the time.

One of the things I owe my husband is my time;  I strive to spend together, together time more often with my husband.

Did I miss any type of time found in marriage? Highlight it in the comment box.

Do you think spending together, together time has no impact or effect on marriage? Please do share your views in the comment box.

I love to hear from you, what do you think about the topic?

STAY HAPPY ALWAYS.................
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