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Should wives work?
Hmmmmmm, this world is made up of only men and women, both must interact.

At the Garden of Eden, during the days of Adam and Eve, we learned that Adam went out probably to work, to look for food for Eve to eat while Eve was at home, maybe doing some house chores, cooking, washing, cleaning and all, when the snake came to deceive Eve. 

To me that simply means Adam went to work while Eve stayed back at home. Eve was supposedly a full time housewife. I think that was what it should be, or will I say that was what God made it to be.

But who full time housewife epp? The man or the woman?

I know of a man that refused his wife doing anything at all, he said that men will start admiring and going after his wife, that his wife will start disrespecting him if she starts making money, how his kids will be untrained and all that. I looked at the man and said, anyways, mentality differs. He is a rich man anyways, and can comfortably take care of his family with or without his wife’s little money.

Yes, a woman should be doing something, to earn money no matter how little, at least to help the man out with some household expenses, but that should not be the sole reason why women should work.
To me working as a wife reduces the chances and tendencies of fights and quarrels in a home.

A working wife has little or no time to nag. Unlike a full-time housewife, she has all the time in the world to look for trouble. The working wife is busy calculating her money, checking her expenses, thinking of what to wear to work for the week, thinking how to change her wardrobe to still look good at work.

I remember when I was not working, hmmm, I intentionally look for hubbys trouble, and I was always nagging, looking for faults and what to say here and there.
But with a job now, things are different. By the time I return from work, I’m already tired and will just be interested in making dinner, doing home work, eating and sleeping. Some days, I have to form sleeping just to have that night to myself   😄😄😄.

My point is;

That a wife works is not just to bring in money to the home, but to also meaningfully engage her brain, and reduce the tendencies of fights and quarrels.
Not just that, when a woman has her personal money, she feels happy unlike when she has to beg her husband for every dime.

       1.    For personal fulfillment; every human being has a dream and wishes to fulfill that dream. It is no crime for a woman to have her own money, provide for the family, fund projects, build houses etc. a woman feels more confident when she earns her own money and has her personal fulfillment. I will get there too.
      2.    Two heads are better than one; yes, a man is great and can provide very well for the family, but with his wife he is even greater. More money does not and cannot hurt.

      3.    For stability; life is unpredictable, it is said that no one knows tomorrow, if anything should happen to the man or his source of income or his finances and the wife has no source of income, how will the family’s needs be met? Who will carry on with the responsibilities of the home?

      4.    To make good use of her skill; hey, after years in school, from primary to secondary, university, even to masters and Ph.D level, she must have acquired some skills and knowledge that should be put into productive use. Dear lady find a way to make good use of your skill.

      5.    To reduce over dependence on the man; instead of constantly begging the husband for money for hair, inner wears, makeup, sanitary pads, etc. the wife can be interdependent, yes, he has to give the wife something then she complements it, not to depend solely on the man or yourself. Be interdependent.

      6.    To model the children; if mom works and earns some money, the kids will learn that hard work is real and it pays. The son learns that women are not weak and can work as hard as men, while the daughter learns to believe in herself as a woman.

      7.    A wife is more than a wife and a mother. There is more to being a woman than just being a housewife and a mom. A wife and a mother can a also be a successful business woman, a career woman, a social activist, a public figure etc. don’t just be a wife and mother, there is more you can be and do.

      8.    To be productive; if all a wife does and talks about and discusses with her husband is just about the kids and the family, she may start sounding boring. She has to be productive and bring up engaging conversations with the husband. Put your brain to work.

I loved my housewife job, in fact I miss, but not as much as I love going out in the morning and coming back in the evening. If you can, have more than one source of income, it cannot kill; more money does not and cannot kill. If you don’t need it, some people do, give it out, or contact me for my account details, I need it.

To me, working or doing something, anything at all, to earn money is not just all about making money, there is more to it. At least you meet people on daily basis, you grow your tentacles, grow socially and otherwise.



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