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COMMON LIES ABOUT SEX.................................

5 common lies about sex.

Well, it’s another day of blogging, putting down my personal thoughts and opinions, sharing with everyone, not minding who reads it. Hope you enjoy your reading.

Sex! Sex!! Sex!!! Sex is a hot topic everyone wants to hear about and talk about but no one wants to be the one talking about it. Everyone wants to act or should I say pretend to be a saint. I am not a saint. 
 Some also make sex talks appear dirty or an abomination, but in secret they ask google so many things about sex. 

Sex is not dirty, sex is not an abomination, it is created by God, and everything created by God is good, just that we humans have abused and misused the God given sexual pleasure.

As a younger girl I heard and read a lot about sex, from boarding school, those days in secondary school, to university days and even up until now, sex gist is everywhere, online and all.

Some I found out they are all lies, some are myths while some are true anyways.

Lie number 1; sex is no big deal; says who? Sex is a very big deal. This lie comes from those that just want to have sex and move on, their only intention is to get in-between your legs and move on, and all they want is sex. Sex is such a big deal that is why cheating is a big deal. If having sex with every tom, dick and harry is nothing then cheating on ones partner shouldn’t be a big deal. Sex is a big deal; it is the most intimate act of all that is why God wants us to save sex for just one person. SEX IS A VERY BIG DEAL.

Lie number 2; you can be a technical virgin; this is another big lie. It is either you a virgin or you are not a virgin. There is nothing like a technical virgin. Being and staying a virgin means, keeping one’s mind, soul, spirit and body sexually pure. Touching and caressing, smooching kissing and all without the actual act of having sex has already corrupted one’s mind, and makes one sexually impure and a non virgin. It is just like saying you are faithful to your partner, yet you wish you could have sex with someone else or your ex, you still imagine having sex with someone else, my friend you are a cheat already. WELL!!!!!!!!!!

Lie number 3; sex is love; this one is a lie from the pit of hell. If sex is love why don’t we have sex with everyone as we claim we love everybody? Sex is used to cement love; sex is used to consummate love in marriage. Sex is the ultimate expression of the ultimate commitment, marriage. For some, sex is a kind of soul tie. I think it should be in this order; love first, marriage second, sex third. Maybe to the woman, sex is love, but to the men, I doubt, if love and sex mean the same thing to them. A woman may attach some kind of emotion to sex.

Lie number 4; everybody is doing it; this is so not true. There is this girl we all believed was wild and maybe loose, gosh, her dressing, the way she talks, her late nights, her plenty male friends, we all believed those days that she was sleeping around, to my utmost surprise, she got married a virgin. She was not doing it like everyone thought. So my dear everybody is not doing it.

Lie number 5; having sex makes one a big girl or boy; for where? For the ladies, just know that men kiss and tell, if you ever sleep with one guy, all the guys in the neighborhood or his friends have known the details about that one night. And your respect is already reducing. A lady may kiss and not tell maybe because she does not want everyone to know she is doing it or has done it, but for the guys, they brag with sleeping around. So my point is; having sex or cheating does not make one a big girl, it only makes one loose respect.

Lie number 6; good sexual life can and will sustain a relationship: " says who? if I hear". You need much more than good sexual life to sustain a relationship. If the sexual life is very good and sweet and other ingredients required to sustain a relationship is lacking, then the sexual life that is meant to be enjoyed becomes a burden and work. Good sexual life is important in sustaining and maintaining a relationship, but you need more than acrobatics in bed and plenty bedmatics to sustain a relationship.

If you think that having sex with someone will make that person glued to you, or never leave you, then you are so wrong, sex can happen with just anybody.
What other lie(s) have you heard about sex?

I have heard a whole lot of them; share your views with me in the comment box.




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