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Family planning/birth control methods.

Family planning/birth control methods are methods put in place to help couples prevent or control pregnancy.

The importance of family planning cannot be over emphasized. It helps a woman take care of her body and her baby(ies), it helps families space childbirth, it helps families choose the number of kids they want. Moreover you get to enjoy sex without fear of getting unwanted pregnancy.

For some reasons, couples may not want to have kids at the moment, or may not want pregnancy at that time, so family planning/birth control methods will help them choose when and not to make babies.

Family planning/birth control methods helps in child spacing which helps the woman’s body to rest well before the next pregnancy.

I love experimenting or should I say try your luck, so I have tried and used like four different methods of family planning/birth control methods.

The ones I have used and experienced are what I’m going to talk about on this post, which happens to be my personal experience and cannot in anyway be the same with another person’s experience.

1. ovulation/free period/natural method/billings method; this is the first method of family planning I used after my first child. It works well if you know your cycle very well and your husband is willing to cooperate with you.
The woman must know how to tell when she is fertile and the couple should both agree to abstain from sex when the woman is fertile that is when she is ovulating. Even my husband had to learn how to calculate my free period so that I won’t be using “I’m not free” and be dodging him.
·       To me, this method has no side effects and is very effective but demands sacrifice and carefulness.
·       This method helps a woman know her body, her cycle very well.
·       No delay in getting pregnant when ready.
·       You can only have free sex, without condom when you are not ovulating.
How do you when a woman is ovulating i.e. fertile?
·       Discharge; during ovulation, a woman should or may notice a milkish white, slippery, gummy discharge from her private part.
·       Horny; during ovulation a woman is as horny as ever. Feeling horny means wanting to have sex.
·       Cycle; maybe you don’t notice any discharge or don’t feel horny during ovulation, your cycle calendar will help you know when you are ovulating.

2. Condoms; well, I used it when I had no choice, if I had a choice I wouldn’t have gone for it. It worked well for me then, but I don’t like it, and will never subscribe to using it. DON’T ASK ME WHY.

3. Withdrawal method; this method is the most difficult for me and its very tricky if one isn’t very sensitive. This method involves the man pulling out from the woman’s body to ejaculate/release outside. If you are sensitive enough you should know when your man is about to release, then pull yourself away, rather than wait for him to withdraw, he may not find it easy and funny withdrawing at that time. If you are very fertile you may consider another method, as some drops of sperm capable of impregnating a woman usually comes out before the final ejaculation. Sometimes the man may not be able to pull out before ejaculation that is when dry-cleaning method comes in.

4. Dry-cleaning method; if your man mistakenly releases inside you, then you can clean up yourself. The cleaning can be done in two ways-, either the man uses a clean towel to dry-clean you, while you are still lying on the bed with your legs up or use the toilet, with good quantity of water and wash yourself. The latter is the one I used and still use as oga no go gree clean anything. Put your hand inside your vagina and use water to wash off everything. Even with my current method of family planning method, I still use dry-cleaning method.
This method worked for me after my first child.. This method is not very effective, as fertilization can take place even before the cleaning is done.

5. implanon, norplant, implant; I remember when I went for family planning after my last child, the nurse asked me which method I wanted to use now after I told her all the methods I have used including copper T, she told me family planning is not ashoebi, that you want to do because your friend did it. She tried convincing me not to go for the implant, I insisted, nobody told me when to remove it when I started seeing the side effects.
All the while I was breastfeeding,(I inserted the implant when my baby was six weeks old,) I wasn’t feeling anything, the implant seems good and ok and my body was kind of ok with it, but the moment I weaned my baby hmmm, my hormones changed and started reacting, the thing made me bled and feel nauseous till the day I removed it. The bleeding and nauseous feeling only stops when and if I take one pill like that, but then I can’t continue taking the pill everyday neither can I continue bleeding, so I had to go and remove it immediately. Chaiiii, that thing dealt with me eeeeeeeeeeee.

The only good thing about the implant or the pill, I don’t know the one exactly, but either of them made me put on some weight, immediately I removed the implant, the whole weight disappeared. I know some women that are using it and they are very ok and comfortable with it.
But for me it is a no-no. Come to think of it, with the everyday bleeding, how am I supposed to "do" nau? So which pregnancy am I preventing when the bleeding wont let me "do".

6. IUCD(intra-uterine contraceptive device)/copper T.;  this is my best so far and I am currently on it since 2014, I also used it after my second child. The only thing I noticed about it was that it normally gives heavy flow for the first three months, which normalizes after the three months. This method also demands extreme cleanliness both from the man and the woman as dirtiness can cause infections.
It is very effective in preventing pregnancy. I'm still on it, and enjoying myself in bedmatics anyhow I like, my bullet proof is intact.

 The one I have not tried and not willing to try is injectibles due to my dislike for needles, and pills because I cant keep taking pill every day, what if I forget to take my pill which I know must happen.
Feel free to share your family planning/ birth control method with me in the comment box, I need to 
 experiment more

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